Frequently Asked Questions - Brokers

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We offer 3 main products to our Broker Partners. You can download our full product guide here.


Buy Rate
Our buy rate solutions allows you to provide your clients with the perfect solution for working capital whilst dictating your own rates and commissions.


Download our product guide to learn more here.


Small Business Loan
Our unsecured small business loans are short-term and don’t require assets for security. The SBL is tailored specifically to the needs of small businesses so the loan amount, rates and repayment terms are better suited to smaller businesses who need access to funds quickly for any business purpose.


Download our product sheet to learn more here.


Merchant Cash Advance
A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a lump sum payment given to small businesses in industries that use EFTPOS machines or take daily online payments. The MCA is designed to match the cash flow of your clients business, so rather than being a fixed sum each month or fixed daily repayments being taken directly from your clients bank account, a small percentage of the business credit card and EFTPOS terminal sales are repaid daily for the term of the cash advance.


Download our product sheet to learn more here.

Capify offer fully unsecured products up to 15 months.

Our broker partner program ensures that we work with you as our referral partner. You will work with our dedicated broker team who is at your service to help qualify and support your referred business clients, to ensure we find solutions that work in line with their business needs. Our goal is to help you better qualify leads as well as provide content and information that you can use to push to your database. You will be kept up to date on the progress of a lead and own the client post-settlement.

Yes, we do. As a fin-tech Capify believes in providing the best technology and platforms for our brokers. Our Broker Portal allows our broker partners simple and convenient online access to;


• Submit and track new leads & scenario’s
• Upload relevant client documentation
• Check lead statuses in real-time
• Access to dedicated BDM via live chat
• Access exclusive offers, marketing material and more

Our commission payments are paid upfront on all settled deals. We pay from 4% to 8% on the gross funded amount, the percentage depending on the structure of the finance provided.  For further clarification, please contact your BDM team directly for a break down on the commission you earn. Any client that is funded by Capify, and then decides to renew and take out another loan (later on) will also generate a commission payment to you as the lead originator.

Yes, with commission starting from 4% of the top-up amount.

We can pre-approve clients in 2 hours, and your client can be funded for a small business loan within 24 hours and 48 for a merchant cash advance, depending on the complexity of the scenario and if all paperwork is submitted when requested. 

To review a scenario, we need the following details from a broker:

–          Full Name of client–          Phone number of client–          Email of client–          ABN of clientOur team can run with the scenario from there and provide you (and your client) with a conditional loan offer (if you have already collected bank statements – they can be provided upfront to speed up the process).

Send your expression of interest to become a Capify Broker partner to [email protected].One of our Business Development Managers will then be in touch and can set you up on our Broker Portal once an agreement has been signed. They will also introduce you to your dedicated Sales Manager for ongoing support.

We have a dedicated Broker Line, which will get you in touch with our broker team, which is 1300 531 587. You can also reach out to your local BDM (details below) to get a scenario reviewed on the spot;NSW, ACTDanijel TrifkovicBusiness Development ManagerM: 0432 565 771E: [email protected]Leinnor ReyesBusiness Development ManagerM: 0421 179 573E: [email protected]

Ziad Amin

Business Development ManagerM: 1300 760 390E: [email protected]


James Ruddick

Business Development ManagerM: 0433 604 876E: [email protected]

Our broker and marketing team work closely to provide a personalised experience. As a Capify broker partner, you have access to our marketing resources, content, exclusive partner offers and professionally designed creatives to help you win new customers and find opportunities in your database. 

Do you have any marketing materials that need updating or want something fresh to send your database? Reach out to your BDM below in your state to have new content or creative made for your business.