Frequently Asked Questions

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Capify offers two unsecured business loans:


Small Business Loan:
The Capify Small Business Loans are specifically tailored to the needs of small business owners so the loan amount, rates and repayment terms are flexible. We can provide SME’s seeking quick access to unsecured funds from $5,000 to $500,000 any business purpose.

Unlike secured loans which require you to borrow against an asset such as a vehicle or property, our unsecured loans aren’t guaranteed, meaning you can borrow money for your business without the need for collateral or assets as security, and with minimum paperwork required, once approved, the funds are in your account within 24 hours, not weeks or months.


Merchant Cash Advance:
The Capify Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a simple solution for businesses that accept credit card/EFTPOS sales and are also seasonal. As an alternative to traditional business finance, the MCA is designed to match the cash flow of your business, so rather than being a fixed sum each month or fixed daily repayments being taken directly from your bank account, a small percentage of the businesses credit card and EFTPOS terminal sales are repaid daily for the term of the cash advance. This means greater flexibility to make lower repayments during slower periods.


The MCA is ideal for businesses who accept credit and debit card payments from their customers; like retailers, pubs, bars and restaurants.

Our approval process is quick and simple. Once you’ve submitted an enquiry, we assess your eligibility to apply for a business loan based on the following criteria:

– Must be a registered business with an active ABN
– Trading for minimum 6 months
– $10,000+ minimum monthly turnover
– Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
– 18 years+ of age


Once you meet our basic eligibility criteria, we need the following documents to run a credit check:

– Driver’s License
– Landlord Details
– Personal References
– Bank Statements linked or manually sent over
– Proof of ownership

Once you’ve met all our standard credit assessment criteria, you can be approved within hours and have funds in your account in a day.

Capify does not lend to consumers or do personal loans. We specialise in unsecured small business loans only. 

Yes, we pride ourselves in making sure our customers’ information is always protected and secured. We follow compliance standards when taking calls throughout our credit assessment and marketing activities.

We support businesses from all industries, and have proven examples of customers that have successfully grown their business through our cash flow solutions. Some industries include: Retail and Fashion, Hair and Beauty, Hospitality, Automotive, Real Estate, Manufacturing Trade, Labour Cleaning Services and many more.

Yes, we can fund a customer who has an existing loan with a competitor as long as they have paid off more than 50% of their loan. We do not stack loans, which means Capify will have to pay the competitor lender out before we can provide the customer with more funds.


We are a responsible lender and follow responsible lending practices as to ensure our customers can service their loan.


For example, if your client has a loan with our direct competitors Prospa, OnDeck, Moula, Get Capital and Business Fuel, we cannot provide them additional funds until they’ve paid out more than half of their loan with that competitor first.

Please keep in mind if your client has a loan from the big banks like ANZ, Westpac, Commonwealth or nab, we do not consider them direct competitors or part of the unsecured alternative online lending space. This means if the SME has a bank loan Capify can still help them access unsecured business funds.

There are many factors when applying for an unsecured business loan online and how the rate is determined. When applying for an unsecured business loan with Capify we use a factor rate based on risk to determine the total payback and term amount. We also base it on your daily balance, gross monthly sales, and your credit score. Other factors that determine the amount of documentation needed, is the loan request amount and any unusual situations that may arise in the credit assessment.

You can check out our customer review on Trust Pilot and also Google.

Capify can lend SME’s from $5,000 to $500,000 in unsecured small business funding. The repayment terms are flexible and depend on the monthly turnover of your business. Terms range from 3 months to 12 months.

Yes, all our loans are unsecured. There are no collateral or assets are required. The only requirement is a personal guarantee by the majority owner of the business.

For a loan under $150,000, Capify requires the following paperwork:


– Last 12 months Bank Statements for main trading account
– Front and Back of the owners’ ID
– Front of the official cover page of the bank statement (confirming account name, BSB and account number)


For loans over $150,000 documentation is to be advised. You can speak to our lending specialist on 1300 760 930 , to understand what other documents you may require.

Our repayment terms can be anywhere between 3 – 12 months depending on what we’ve agreed upon with you. We pride ourselves with being a transparent and responsible lender, which is why before you go ahead with your contract, we provide you with a document outlining our fees and total payback.

The total payback figure is then broken into small daily repayments that our customers can afford as to not affect the day-to-day cash flow of their business.

We do not pull a credit application at an equiry stage. We will only pull the credit check once we’re ready to submit your loan application upon your approval of our terms & conditions. We can however provide our broker channel partners “look alike” offers for their clients upon request without conducting a credit check. Please note all final offers will be subject to the credit score and any adverse information found).

We can approve you without you linking your bank statements as long as you have shared the statements with us manually. However, depending on the loan amount, this could slow our credit investigations down and ultimately slow down how fast you receive funds in your account.

 Yes, it is safe to link your bank statements through the Capify Bank statements link. Like the banks and other alternative lender’s, we use an award-winning, secure platform that retrieves bank statement data that has been proven to speed up the approval process of your loan inquiry.

Submitting an online enquiry to access your basic eligibility does not incur any fees, however, if you proceed with a full loan application, you will incur origination & processing fees.

No, Capify does not lend to individuals who need start-up funds for a new business, looking to purchase a business or have been in business less than six months. This is because our approval process is based on looking at the cash flow of the business to determine the loan offer.

The minimum monthly turnover to qualify for a Capify small business loan is $10,000.