Frequently Asked Questions - Renewals Customer

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To renew your loan with Capify all we need is your Bank Statements either manual or via a secured link, a lease agreement and 2 most recent rental invoices.

You will automatically qualify for a pre-approval amount of your last loan with Capify if your cash flow has been the same or similar. However, the amount we fund you will be based on the past 6 months’ bank statements of your business and you will need to go through a quick application process to see if we can approve you for a high business loan amount.


If you want to top up on your loan call 1300439157 to speak to your account manager or email [email protected]

As per our company policy and responsible lending standards we cannot give out a loan to a SME who has an active loan with an alternative online business lender such as Prospa, OnDeck, Moula, Get Capital, Business Fuel, etc. It would be irresponsible for us to provide you with another loan co-existing with a competitor as the serviceability of the loan may not be supported by your daily cash flow or monthly turnover.



Please keep in mind if you have a loan from the big banks like ANZ, Westpac, 


Commonwealth or NAB, we do not consider them direct competitors or part of the unsecured alternative online lending space. This means if you have a bank loan, Capify can still help you access unsecured business funds.



f you would like more information about this topic call 1300439157 to speak to your account manager or email [email protected]

As an existing Capify customer, you may be eligible for a loan renewal at a discounted rate depending on certain criteria’s.


Email [email protected] or call 1300439157 to speak to your account manager to discuss your options for a renewal on your loan.

You can qualify for a quick business loan top up with Capify when you have paid 50% or more of your existing loan with us. To find out if you can re-apply for unsecured finance with us please call 1300439157 to speak to your relationship manager or email [email protected]. You can also see if you are eligible to renewal your loan within our customer portal.

Simply log into our customer portal to access all your statements and outstanding balance.

If you are a Capify customer with an existing loan balance, you can log into our Customer Portal which allows you simple, convenient online access to your business loan account with us including your;


– Account Summary
– Loan Balance
– Statements
– Repayment Progress


You can also renew your loan once eligible in 3 simple steps directly through the portal. If you have not registered to the portal, you can visit customer portal to complete your registeration.

We pride ourselves with being a transparent and responsible lender. That’s why before you go ahead with your contract, we provide you with a document outlining our fees and total payback.


When repaying your small business loan with Capify the total payback figure is then broken into small daily repayments that our customers can afford as to not affect the day-to-day cash flow of their business.



With an MCA product, repayments are taken through your EFTPOS terminal at the end of settlement each day you are open for business. For example, if you make $1000 that day on your credit card terminal and your contractual pay back percentage is 10% daily, you would only payback $100 to Capify. This would occur until your cash advance is paid in full. Meaning the loan term is only an estimated term of when we expect you should have it paid off.

Yes, you are able to make additional bulk repayments whenever you want.