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Nothing can scale and grow without funding, but if you’re a small business, it can be not only tough to access the financing you need but to also get the right information to make those financial decisions. After thirteen years in the business, we’ve seen many a great business fail to access loans through conventional means. That’s why, when it comes to how to apply for a business loan on Capify, we’ve made everything as simple as possible.


Here is the Capify how-to Guide and everything you need to know about business loans to make business finance easy for you.

Business loans to upgrade equipment

Application Process

Step by Step process to get approved within 24hrs


Ace your Application

Do's and Don'ts to maximise funding and reduce delays.

Call Capify

your Score

Check & improve your score so you can get better rates

Sales For Growth


Estimate how much you can borrow & the loan term

Broker portal

Types of
Loan Options

Different loan options available & compare

Business loans to finance next project

We Help Fund

Different industries with various situations and goals

Receive your funds!

your Fund

What you can spend to grow your business

Provide documentation

Business Loan
Key Information

What you need to know about business loans

How to qualify for a Capify Business Loan

Who is eligible
to apply for a Capify Loan

If you own a Limited company,
and have been trading throughout
Covid-19, you’re eligible
to apply for our fund!

What amount
am I eligible for

Business owners are able to apply for anywhere up to $500k. The exact loan amount will depend on your average and monthly turnover. We also review those who have been impacted in the last couple months on a case by case basis.

What can
you use funds for

Capify’s loan can be used for any business purpose. Whether you want to use the money to purchase new stock, refurbish your premises, buy a new piece of equipment, or do something completely different – it’s your choice.

Apply for Capify's Business Loan now

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