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Application Process

How-to Guide on how to apply for a Capify loan
& fast track your application

We specialise in providing loans and alternative finance for businesses and we always aim to make the application process as easy and stress-free as possible. A quick 4 Steps to get loan approved and funds into your account within 24 hours.


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Provide Paperwork

Provide the relevant documentation and get verified

Submit documents

All you need is your Driver's Licence and 6 months business statements


Receive your funds

Get cash straight into your account within 24 hours

Fast Approval

Get cash fast and easy so your can focus on building your business

Applying for financing from Capify is easy, secure, and only takes a few minutes. We know that it’s important to understand everything fully before you get started. The process essentially consists of four stages, let’s look at each stage in greater detail.

Step 1: Apply Online

Fill in the form

This first step is easy enough, this should take you less than five minutes.

We ask for the following information:


  • How long you’ve been in business for (a minimum of six months is needed)
  • Your monthly turnover (it should be at least $10k)
  • How much you’re hoping to borrow
  • What you’re hoping to use the money for (you can select day-to-day, equipment, cashflow, inventory, hiring staff, or other)
  • Your industry
  • Personal and contact details


And that’s it! Just submit the form and wait to hear from us. And don’t worry — you won’t have to contend with a credit check or even pre-approval at this stage.


Apply Now

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Step 2: Talk to our Loan Specialist

Discuss your situation


Unlike many lenders, we know that we can’t get a full picture of your situation and creditworthiness by asking a few simple questions. We believe firmly in the importance of talking human-to-human.


So, once we know the basics from your form, one of our representatives will call you to ask for more details on your specific situation and business to ensure you can access the right product solutions from us. They’re friendly and understanding, so providing them with accurate information will help fast track your application and flag any issues or queries that might occur during the submission process.


We understand that you can be busy sometimes so if we have missed your call get in touch with us when its convenient.  

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Step 3: Provide Paperwork

Verify your details with documentation

Before we can officially file your application, you’ll need to send us documents so we can cross-check your information and ensure everything is legitimate.


Most Simple Applications

In most cases, for simple and straightforward applications we’ll only need:

  • Your driver’s license 
  • Bank statements for the past six months.

Indepth Applications

There are some situations where we may require additional documentation:

  • Council rates notice or other proof of property ownership
  • Bank statements from the past 12 months
  • Personal references
  • Landlord details

Having your ABN and ABR ready will help fasten your process.

Once we have everything, we can credit check you and submit the application. That’s all the work done on your part.

Step 4: Receive Approval

Get Approved and receive your funds instantly


Within 24 hours, you’ll have a decision from us. Once you have your approval, the funds will arrive in your bank account within hours, and you can focus on growing your business. 

Capify is dedicated to offering a tailored solution for affected businesses around Australia. We want to grow Australian businesses and support those who need it.

-John De Bree | Managing Director

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