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Successful Application

How-to Guide to ace your application
(The do’s and don’ts)

Before submitting an enquiry or filing an application form you should understand how to get the best results and favourable outcomes. Here are the do’s and don’ts to ensure a quick, smooth process.

The Do's: How to make your application a success

Capify is about responsible lending so ensuring applicants meet our criteria is important. We also know every business is different, so understanding our customers, their individual situation and potential growth is what we also take into consideration. We want your application to be a success and make sure you are able to borrow the amount your need or are close to. In order to achieve a smooth and seamless application here are some tips to push things along faster. 


Applications can be approved within 2- 24 hours.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When submitting your application or speaking to our specialists resist the temptation to lie or exaggerate your earnings or expenses. It might seem like a harmless “white lie” to slightly overstate your income if you’re confident of making the payments, but the truth will come out sooner or later when we see your bank statements and credit history. It will only delay your application or amendments will be required to reflect your loan application— but if you’re transparent from the get-go, our team will be able to assist with getting you where you need to in your application. Acing your application and maximising your cashflow capacity is our goal too. 


If you are unsure or want to check how your compare, check your CREDIT SCORE so you know where you sit and the rates you are eligible for. 

Tell us about outstanding payments or defaults

Remember to let us know about any outstanding payments or defaults from your past. This includes your phone bill, invoices, loans, or debt collectors. As long as the defaults are settled, it shouldn’t stop you from getting approved, but outstanding defaults can cause an issue — especially if the amount is significant. Regardless, transparency always makes everything better.

Get your Paperwork ready

Avoid delays and have the relevant documentation requirements ready to go.

  • Driver licence
  • 6 months of Bank Statements 

When our team call you we can process your application on the spot as long as all your documentation is in order for submission.

The Don'ts: What not to do when you Submit

Here are some of the things you should try to avoid or minimise doing in order to make your application a success. We want you to maximise 

Avoid Dishonours and ensure Positive Bank Balances

Large numbers of dishonours and returns are also part of the review process, so making sure accounts are consistently positive and dishonours are at a minimum will assist with your application.

Also, keep in mind to watch out for unexplainable large deposits in your account that aren’t related to your payroll — especially anything greater than 50% of your normal payroll. This will raise questions, and you’ll have to prove the transactions are legitimate (which may waste a lot of time for you). This may be unavoidable.

Be mindful of submitting
multiple loan applications

Try to avoid making multiple loan applications at once or max out your credit cards. Both actions suggest you may be facing financial difficulties, making you a less desirable borrower, this could potentially hurt your credit score.


Avoid Gambling Transactions

Whether it’s for a social event or a regular hobby,  gambling transactions have an impact on your application, to reduce complications avoid making gambling transactions on your business bank statements. 

Capify is dedicated to offering a tailored solution for businesses around Australia. We want to grow Australian businesses and support those who need it.

-John De Bree | Managing Director

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