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Lion King Premiere hosted by Capify Online Unsecured Finance Lender for Small Businesses

As the first trusted alternative online business lender in Australia, we value our strategic partnerships and were recently able to thank our broker partners for their business by taking their families to the Lion King Premiere in Sydney and Melbourne. More

Uncovering the value of your existing client base

In light of the Royal Commission findings and lending conditions tightening, the question brokers are asking, is how to successfully future proof their business by diversifying into alternative revenue streams.  More

Secret to Successful Diversification

Delve deeper into how to spot transactional diversification opportunities, how to get out of your comfort zone and build mutually beneficial relationships and explore the traits of brokers who have embraced this successfully. More

Thinking about a bigger space? Get a loan with Capify!

If your business is growing faster than you can handle and you need to expand, don’t let cash-flow get in the way. You can now access anywhere between $5 to $300k to continue your business growth. More

Are your bills starting to pile up? Access up to 300K of funds with Capify!

If you find that your bills keep piling up and you’re struggling with cash-flow to pay them off in time, get in touch to access funding up to $300k with Capify today. More

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