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The Crow Bar

Renovated and expanded with a Small business Loan

The Crow Bar has built a reputation which caters to its patrons enjoying a night out. Owner, John has curated an exceptional atmosphere, with experienced bar tenders making fresh cocktails and an international head chef creating seasonal menus to delight the trendy “foodie” palates. And as a result of a partnership with Capify, now also hosts functions for up to 80 guests.

Women’s Fashion Stock Purchase with an Unsecured Loans

Purchased stock

Passionate about providing clothing to fit women of all shapes and sizes, this fashion store provides a personal fitting service to find the right size for its customer. The customer’s experience at the store and during their fitting is second to none. Since the word has spread about niche products, it has led to a growth in online orders from national customers. Capify was able to support the small business to service the larger shopping audience with a large inventory of diverse stock.

Buy New Equipment with an Unsecured Business Loan

Purchasing or updating equipment is a big business decision and like most small business owners you’ve probably spent hours of your time researching what’s on the market. You’ve weighed the pros and cons and compared brands and decided on exactly what you need.

The next step is to find the funds to purchase the equipment, which can be difficult without effecting cash flow. That’s where we can help with an unsecured business loan. We can help you get the equipment sooner rather than later with funds in your account within 48 hours. Our loans are complementary to business cash flow and have flexible repayment plans, so you can tailor it to your business needs.

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Improve cash flow with an Unsecured Business Loan

Small businesses need cash flow to maintain their budgets and day to day running costs. A short term business loan can help take off the stress during low seasons or periods. Not all businesses have regular sales cycles so planning ahead can make all the difference.

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Marketing and Advertising with an Unsecured Business Loan

Business growth requires investment whether it’s more time or exposure. Feel secure knowing that have the financial ability to bring on more staff as you need or purchase marketing activities. Marketing will allow your business to reach people who need your service or product .e.g. website, mail drop, digital campaigns, advertising or rebrand.

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Boost Staff with an Unsecured Business Loan

Staff play an important role in many small businesses. Staff member numbers can be boosted for a busy period, business growth, a new project or maybe for the first time as a business grows.
Often new staff members require training and are engaged before the revenue they will bring to the business is collected, requiring a pool of funds to draw wages from. That’s where we can help with funds so you can engage the staff you need, when you need them, not when the cash to do so is available, because sometimes that’s too late.

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