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10 Ways to Maximise Savings and Spending Before EOFY

As 30 June draws closer, we’re almost at the end of the financial year. Yet this time is about more than just filing your taxes. It’s the perfect opportunity to tidy up your finances and review your operations or take advantage of ways to maximise savings and spending. With a focus on SMEs and business owners, here are some top tips for EOFY 2022.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is the money coming in and going out of your business. Managing cash flow is the single most important thing a business can do – as without it, the business could cease to exist. Without knowing this balance, how can you make informed business decisions about investments, staffing, capital, suppliers, and stock?
Check out the Do’s and Don’ts of cash flow management.

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Small Business challenges in 2021

No matter what you’re going through, you are absolutely not alone! Being a small business owner can be the most rewarding, but also the most challenging thing you can ever do. You’ve got to have grit and persistence if you want to succeed. But most of all, you’ve got to be ready and willing to adapt and be flexible. Check out some of the biggest small business challenges in 2021.

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Best Type of Loan – Manufacturing business loans

Manufacturing business loans are important when running a small business is difficult and not at all inexpensive. Big money is needed to set up the enterprise and get it running, but also to maintain inventory and support the costs of operations as the business slowly gains ground.

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ATO $30,000 instant tax asset write-off

ATO $30,000 instant tax asset write-off

Australian small-business owners are celebrating the government’s 30k tax write off proposed boost to the popular instant asset write-off scheme in last night’s federal budget, claiming it will allow them to invest further in their businesses.

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