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3 ways to build your email marketing database list

Great news! You have a ready pool of customers who are engaged and loyal to your brand. So how are you going to stay in regular touch with these vital consumers? Email marketing holds the answer. Building your email marketing data base list lets you access a high-impact, low-cost communication channel with important customers. Best yet, while you are building and nurturing these existing relationships your growing email marketing list brings more visitors through your website for you to convert into customers. The value in this is clear so why not put email marketing to work in your business right away? If you need some extra cash flow to make this happen, consider a flexible small business loan such as those offered by Capify. For now, without further ado, here are three supercharged ways to build your email marketing data base list:

  1. Have a simple visible sign-up form
    Put your email sign-up form right up front and center. Start with your homepage, chiefly the hello bar at the top. From here, think a big footer on every page and even make use of the webpage real estate to the right-hand side. A small business loan can help you make any necessary additions to your website, ensuring your email marketing list is prominent and good to grow.


  1. Effective email capture at every opportunity
    You have multiple customer touch points in play every day. So grow your email marketing list by capturing emails at every opportunity. Make every meeting, every conversation, every client contact count. Keep an email sign-up form right on hand via your phone, laptop or tablet. That way you can ask customers’ permission to add their email to your list as a matter of routine. Naturally bigger ticket events such as trade shows, conferences and expos present yet another powerful opportunity to grow your email marketing database.


  1. Incentivise sign-ups
    Bribery can be the spice of life, especially when it comes to growing your email list. Woo your customers to hand you their email details in return for a freebie, timely prize, promotional merchandise, VIP invite or a delectable discount. Remember you can call on a small business loan to help you put together great incentives to sign up to your email database.

So there you have it: three steps to developing a thriving burgeoning email marketing database. And that brings us round to the why. Why should you care about growing your email marketing list? The answer is a simple equation. More customers equals more revenue. Each and every person who reads your email newsletter or communication is a potential new customer. The further you cast your email marketing net, the greater your market reach and conversion potential. Speak to Capify today about their range of small business loan solutions to support your email marketing. With the right small business loan on your side, you can grow your customers and revenue in supercharged ways.

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