Feb 2018

Top Tips To Help Prepare Your Quarterly BAS

BAS is an important part of your business finance management that helps you profit and grow. Fortunately BAS can be a relatively simple seamless process when you work to a planned schedule and get completely up to date with ATO requirements. At Capify, we know how important it is to your overall business finance position …

Aug 2017

Top Tips For Hiring The Right People

Hire the Right People

When you start out as a new business, and even more so when you start expanding, you’re going to need to think seriously about hiring people to help you out. People are the core of any business so you want to make sure that you get the right kind of people for your business. Below …

Aug 2017

Cloud Computing and Alternative Data Storage

Cloud Computing and Storage

You may have heard the term “cloud computing” over the past couple of years and you’re probably considering using it as an option for your new business. However, like most people when they start out, you’re probably thinking- but wait? What is “cloud computing”? What does it actually mean? The “cloud” is quite simply another …

Jul 2017

Optimising Your Business Facebook For Incredible Results

Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a key player in our modern world for spreading and building your brand. With over 16 million monthly users in Australia and over 1.7 billion users worldwide Facebook is a valuable source of networking just waiting to be tapped! Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of your …

Jun 2017

5 Tax Tips To Make This Tax Season Easier

5 ways to make tax season easier

Tax time can often be daunting, we have received a lot of enquiries as to how business owners can leverage Capify’s services to maximise their tax returns. We’ve put together a detailed infographic giving you some information on tax time for business owners but more importantly, some tax tips for you to take on board …

Jun 2017

5 Productivity Hacks to Get Your Staff Working Harder and Happier

5 Productivity Hacks to get your Staff Working Harder and Happier

Productivity is key to the running of an effective business and there are many ways to help staff work to the best of their ability. Here are a few of our suggestions that keep employees happy and productive: Create Comfortable and Stimulating Surroundings A comfortable and fun work place is very important to the modern …

Apr 2017

Capify’s Monthly Select – Slack: Why This App Is A Must-Have For Your Business

Slack Must-Have App For Business

In this month’s select we look at the app Slack, an innovative instant messaging platform made for small businesses. Slack takes the job of communicating within teams within a business and streamlines it into one easy to use, slickly designed interface. Slack gives users one platform in which they can conduct all of their messaging …

Mar 2017

3 Of The Biggest Challenges For New Businesses

Small Business Challenges

New businesses face a lot of challenges in the current market. It takes a lot of determination and patience to ensure that your business will succeed. Below we address three of the biggest challenges you may face and ways in which you can try to avoid these pitfalls. Money Problems The main problem cited as …

Mar 2017

Double Your Sales with Email Automation

Email Automation to Double Sales

So, you’ve set up your business. You’ve got a website, a spattering of social media pages and have invested in some advertising. But you’re just not converting at the rate you’d like to. People are visiting your site but only a small amount are following through and buying your service or product. It can be …

Feb 2017

3 Important Ways to Keep Marketing in Your Small Business Relevant

Marketing Tips for Small Business

When you start out as a new business the marketplace can seem overwhelming. However, there are some easy and integral things to remember when implementing your marketing plan. Here are 3 ways in which you can utilise current trends and make sure that you remain relevant as a small business. Social Media It may seem …