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How does an unsecured loan work?

Unsecured loans:
These two words could change the way you do business forever. If you have money tied up in stock or late paying debtors, you are by no means alone. Many small business owners are in a similar position yet need additional funding to keep business moving. Unsecured loans offer fast approvals without the need to pledge an asset as security over the funds. On top of this, you can often get unsecured loans despite having an existing overdraft in place. All this said, unsecured loans are not a silver bullet. To decide whether this loan solution is right for you and your business, it is important that you know more about how unsecured loans work. We give you a snappy yet detailed introduction to unsecured loans right here.
Getting to know unsecured loans
Secured loans ask you to pledge a physical asset like property or a vehicle in return for finance. This pledge gives lenders peace of mind that you will honour your loan terms. An unsecured loan does not require pledge of any asset. Rather, the strength and cash flow of your business acts as security. All the same, unsecured loans are a higher risk lenders. They combat this by placing a higher interest rate on your loan.
Why are unsecured loans such a popular choice?
Unsecured loans have plenty to recommend them to SME owners. For a start, you can gain approval more quickly as less information is needed by your lender. Much of the information required can be found in a lender’s own records or external details which speeds funds into your account. Swift approvals and access of funds are two major attractions unsecured loans hold for small business owners.
How should I use unsecured loans to my advantage?
Unsecured loans are typically a short term solution when you need funds in a hurry. Maybe you need a quick cash injection to close a sale or agreement. When you need access to critical money quickly with fewer hoops to jump through, turn to unsecured loans. And when you turn to unsecured loans, turn to Capify: your small business finance solution specialists.

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