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Apr 2019

Business Funding During Seasonal Events: How to take a break this Easter without your business falling apart?

April 17, 2019
Capify Australia

Get funds Unsecured Business Loan for Seasonal Businesses
Forecasting cash flow for a seasonal business is easier than a year-round business. …
A year-round business deals with the regular fluctuations from one month to the next while a seasonal business often has predictable expenses during those slow periods.and get a stress- and guilt-free Easter holiday.
Many are looking forward to clocking off fully for the long Easter weekend. SME owners, must often consider how to juggle a break with business commitments. Are you contemplating sweetening up your Easter even more with a mini holiday?
Here is your guide to striking that work/life balance everyone strives for. You can have a break without breaking a sweat about the to-do list and general operations back in your small business using unsecured business finance.
With Easter seasonal payments, a business will make smaller loan payments during its off-season months and larger payments during its high-season period. This will imporove cashflow.
Capify small business finance has provided funding to over 15,000 businesses providing added cashflow flexibility and increasingly preferable among Australian small businesses through our unsecured business loans.
For your business to thrive it’s important to develop your financial knowledge and skills.
Having a financial adviser is a good start, but knowing about cash flow and budgeting will help you when making those important business decisions.
Blocking out time to cover bases during seasonal changes
If you have a work meeting, you block out allocated time in your calendar and are unavailable on other mediums like phone or email.
Holiday time does not have to be any different. Block out chunks of time that you will be spending with loved ones and friends.
By ‘unplugging’ you can be fully present in your downtime and with those who matter most. That means you can return with refreshed focus to matters of business. Need some help to keep your SME trucking while you are taking a break?
In fact, forecasting business cash flow for a seasonal business is easier than a year-round business.  A year-round business deals with the regular fluctuations from month to month.
A seasonal business often has predictable expenses during those slow periods.
Get funds in the shape of a small business loan to take on some Easter casuals.
Include business needs in your holiday planning
Does a key small business or industry event fall over the Easter weekend?
If so, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your holiday plans. Simply build your time off around the event or occasion.
That way you can still attend to business without compromising your downtime. Plus, if you need extra cash to really capitalise on this business opportunity, get funds from a reputable small business lender like Capify.
Set up supportive systems
Good organisation makes taking holidays so much easier for small business owners. Set up systems that support you in being able to step away from your SME for a spell.
Strong cashflow systems ensure that everyone is on the same page about business expectations, commitments and needs. That way you can rest far easier knowing that your shoes are effectively filled while you are away or simply ‘unplugging’ for a day or two. Don’t forget that you can get funds to help improve or implement systems that support you in taking leave.
Tips from website government website www.business.gov.au

  1. Start by finding out how to create a budget and other ways to help improve your financial knowledge.
  2. Learn the essentials of organising your finances, along with how to analyse your finances by using various sales calculations that mark the health of your business.
  3. You can further improve your business’ financial position by offering payment options or by looking for grants and assistance.

Find out about the process of setting up a business account and other systems for your business, or read our financial tips for your business.
Our key financial terms will help when you are dealing with accountants and financial institutions.
Need to get funds for resources that will keep your small business humming while you enjoy an Easter break?
Speak to Capify today. Our flexible unsecured small business loans are the best way to get funds you need, fast and with exceptional terms.

Application for business Loan

Application for business Loan

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