Merchant Cash Advance

An ideal finance solution for SMEs that accept credit card and EFTPOS sales

Unlock the hidden asset in your business

A Capify Merchant Cash Advance utilises your current credit card and EFTPOS sales, providing you with finance to put your business plans in action.

Get your business anywhere from $5,000 to $300,000.

Our Merchant Cash Advance offers a simple application process with variable repayments that match your cash flow.

An innovative alternative to traditional finance.

A Merchant Cash Advance is designed to match the cash flow of your business. Rather than fixed daily repayments, a small percentage of your credit card and EFTPOS sales is repaid daily for the term of your advance. This provides businesses with the flexibility to make lower repayments during slower periods

If your business has fluctuating cash flow, no problem – our Merchant Cash Advance adjusts to meet the daily needs of your business


Cash Advance Benefits

> Unsecured funds up to $300k

> Flexible repayment options

> Terms from 3 to 12 months

> 60 second online application decision

> Typically no financials required

If you’ve been operating for 6 months or more start growing your business now

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