Small Business Loans

The Capify Business Loan is an ideal finance option for all types of businesses

Growing your business has never been easier

If you are looking for a simple solution for business financing, a Capify small business loan may be the right product for you.

Get your business anywhere from $5,000 to $300,000.

Our small business loan offers a simple application process, typically no security required and you can have the funds in your account in days.

What is a Capify Business Loan?

Our small business loan is a simple financing solution that can get you the working capital you want for your business. With high approvals and funding in days, our small business loan is perfect for business owners looking for flexibility.

Instead of monthly payments, the Capify business loan has a fixed, daily repayment schedule allowing you to better manage your cash flow and budget more effectively.

Is your business seasonal? No problem. Our “Flex” program can adjust to the highs and lows of your business cash flow.

Small Business Loans | Capify

Small Business Loan Benefits

> Unsecured funds up to $300k

> Flexible repayment options

> Terms from 3 to 15 months

> Typically no financials required

> Funding within days

If you’ve been operating for 6 months or more start growing your business with a Capify Small Business Loan

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With more than 13 years experience and over $650,000,000 financed, Capify is Australia’s largest and most experienced alternative lender to small business. With a customer-centric focus on service, technology, innovation and simplicity; our vision is to support Australian small businesses with effective and tailored funding solutions.