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Quickbooks Accounting Software, how can you find the best one for your business?


Building your business on Xero

While the name may sound similar to Quicken, Quicken and Quickbooks are accounting software that are as different as night and day. While Quicken is focused on individual user finances, Quickbooks exists for the purpose of tracking the spending and cash flow of Server Message Blocks (SMBs) and larger enterprises. Furthermore, while Quicken offers no Cloud hosting, you get the option for Cloud use in Quickbooks (as well as the option to leave the Cloud out of the deal altogether.)

Quickbooks is also quite user-friendly since it has opportunities for online chat with experts. Whenever you begin to feel lost with the software, you can always click a bubble and immediately speak with a friendly accounting assistant!


What Types of Accounting Software Are There?

Okay, so you understand that your business is desperately in need of accounting software. Now what? Well, it’s time to pick your favourite, of course! Here, we’re going to go through the pros of the most effective accounting software on the market so that you can weigh them and decide which is perfect for your growing business.


Secure & Easy Accounting Software. Start Your Free Quickbooks Online Trial Now. Manage BAS & GST. Best Customer Support. Over 4.5 Million Users. Easy To Use Mobile App. Services: Schedule Custom Invoices, Income & Expense Tracker, Inventory Management.  For the small business customer, Intuit has three different tiers of QuickBooks Online access. You can upgrade your plan at any time but unfortunately can’t downgrade or return to a lower plan.

  • Secure access anytime, on any device: your data is completely secure in the cloud, allowing you to run your business from your Mac, PC, tablet or phone.
  • Easily track cash flow: automate bank feeds, send quotes and invoices, track sales and expenses, scan receipts and pay employees.
  • Reports and insights: create accounting reports and invite your accountant or bookkeeper and get real-time advice and be ready for tax time.

Quickbooks is also partnered with a ton of other business applications so you don’t need to worry about transferring information over from app to app. Your accounting software will work with all the other sites you use for business. It can also work with the sites that provide you with business loans so you know exactly how much you need to pay back and at what time these payments are due.


Should I use QuickBooks accounting software?

QuickBooks offers among the cheapest accounting software cloud-based subscriptions on the market – while the low tier plans are quite stripped back, it’s a unique offer for those who don’t need much so don’t want to pay for a level they don’t need. Small businesses with simple needs and not a lot of budget may find a good choice here.

Self-employed individuals should take care when choosing between QuickBooks Self-Employed and QuickBooks Online – consider the likelihood of your small business growing to involve more than one employee or more complex record-keeping needs. If you’re self-employed and don’t have a lot of complicated accounting needs (such as freelance creatives), then you may like the app-exclusive QuickBooks Self-Employed. The one big drawback is that you can’t simply click a button to turn your Self-Employed plan into an Online plan if you do end up expanding your needs beyond that which the Self-Employed software can provide.

However, potential customers should look closely into its payroll functionality – you’ll need to purchase the Premium tier subscription if you want to use the software to manage your payroll for more than one employee. This can quickly raise the cost if you’ve got more than a handful of employees.

No accounting software does everything perfectly, so explore your options with a clear idea of what your business needs to find the right accounting software to minimise your financial woes.

Other providers include

  • MYOB
  • Quicken
  • Quickbooks
  • Rekon
  • Begin Financing


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