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Bespoke Health and Perfornace

Leading Podiatrist specialising in rehabilitation
& result driven treatments

As one of Sydney CBD’s leading sports and general podiatry clinics, Bespoke Health & performance  focuses on putting their customer’s healthy and wellbeing at the forefront of their core values. Providing uniquely tailored treatments to ensure guaranteed results and peak performance is what has made Bespoke Health leaders in its field. With a specific focus in treating back, hip, knee and foot pain.

Bespoke Health and Perfornace Leading Podiatrist specialising in rehabilitation & result driven treatments

Capify gave me the opportunity to expand my service offering by giving me the funding I need to procure the advanced high tech equipment I required

– Daniel Graham | Director

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Fund Purpose


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Loan Term

12 months

Our Story

You could say I wasn’t the best-behaved little kid, but eventually I sorted myself out and was headed for a degree in Psychology, to help others find their way but a twist in fate led me to Podiatry instead.


Every person in pain is a mystery waiting to be solved, and I truly enjoy getting to the bottom of it, solving the puzzle, and seeing the smile on people’s faces at the end of it all.


This is why I started Bespoke Health and Performance. I love being able to assess what the issue is, diagnose why it’s happening and then create personalised treatment plan to resolve their issue and in most cases, stop it from reoccurring again. With a focus on back, hip, knee, foot and ankle pain, I treat everyone from childcare professionals to professional athletes. And everyone receives the same detailed approach to assess, diagnose, resolve and simply remove their pain.

What makes us different?

Injury Treatment & Rehilibation

Bespoke Health and Performance are sports podiatry experts offering a multi-disciplinary approach to the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of all sports injuries.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and veterinary medicine. With leading technology we offer fast effective results.

Customised Foot Orthotics

Custom made orthotics are prescribed by an experienced podiatrist with a solid understanding of foot structure and function. We perform a podiatry biomechanical assessment and offer customised solutions to suit each customer need.

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A “No Gap” initial consultation for people with coverage for podiatry services included in their private health fund or $20 off an initial consultation for people who do not have private healthcare coverage.

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