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Affiliate Partners

Turn your website content, blogging, social media, email blasts, webinars or internet marketing into a revenue stream. When you apply to become a Capify Affiliate Partner you will gain access to our trusted partner portal gaining access to real time reporting, special offers and a range of creative content. Our small business affiliate program gives you a simple way to add value to your database providing Australian business owners access to unsecured business loans, whilst creating new revenue opportunities for your business. Earn generous commissions when you refer qualified leads, drive traffic to Capify and when a customer has been successfully funded.


Broker Partners

Join Capify as a Broker Partner and let us help you assist your commercial clients with unsecured small business finance. As a partner you will be assigned a dedicated national BDM and account manager who will provide continual support through your client’s unsecured business loan application. Save your business time and money as you gain access to our marketing resources to help you win new commercial customers and find opportunities in your database. Earn ongoing commissions from a single referral with great rates for new and renewed loans.


Referral Partners

Do you work closely with small Australian businesses? Are you an accountant, bookkeeper or financial advisor? Yes. Join Capify’s Referral Partner program today and connect your clients to an experienced Australian lender of 11 years in the unsecured lending space. Providing them with fast, flexible Small Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advances. When you apply to become a referral partner you will also gain access to our partner portal with exclusive offers and a wide range of creative resources. Be rewarded with our generous commission structure and incentivised when you refer qualified leads.

Why become a Capify Partner?

Transparent Reporting

Our Partner Portal offers full transparency when it comes to lead tracking, clicks, conversions and total payout figures. Our user-friendly third party platform allows affiliates and referrers to filter their performance and pull reports in real-time. Applying to become a partner is simple and quick, we have a dedicated team who will work with you to set up your account and are available to answer any questions. Apply Now

We’ve done all the creative for you

To save you time, resources and money, when you become a Capify affiliate or referral partner we give you access to a range of our exclusive offers and creatives to utilise. We’ll help you drive more Australian business owners to your website with ready made banner and text advertisements, which are constantly being updated by your dedicated relationship manager.

Generous Commission Rate

We typically work with our partners on a commission program based on the amount of leads generated each month or on an agreed percentage of the margin of each funded loan. The amount of commission you earn with Capify is uncapped and based on the performance of the referred lead. Because everything is tracked in real time, as a partner you can see based on your performance the total payout you will earn for each lead you bring in that is successfully funded.

Do your Customers Qualify?

  • The Business has been operating for at least 6 months

  • Minimum $10,000 a month in gross sales

  • Australian small to medium business

  • Proof of Ownership

What you can count on from us

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Once onboarded, you will be paired with a dedicated relationship manger who is there to provide continual support. We will work with you to better support your small business clients and database to provide unsecured finance solutions.

Straightforward Reporting

Our partner portal allows affiliate and referral partners to access real-time reporting. This visibility ensures all lead tracking, clicks, conversions and total payout figures are transparent to our partners. If a small business loan application is successfully funded from your database you will be rewarded.

Commissions on deals

Capify provide generous commission structures based on performance and loan size. The capacity to earn ongoing commissions from a single referral is uncapped with great rates for new Small Business Loans, Merchant Cash Advances and Renewed finance options.

Use our technology and marketing

When you become a Capify Partner our simple third party portal will save you time, resources and money. We give you access to our range of professionally designed creatives including banners and access to our partner only exclusive offers.


Who can become a Capify Partner?

You can become a Capify small business partner if;

You are an affiliate marketer with a captive audience of small Australian business owners who may benefit from an unsecured Small Business Loan or a Merchant Cash Advance. You may have a website that generates majority of its traffic from small Australian business owners, be a social blogger or YouTube influencer.

You are a Broker that works closely with commercial clientele that are small to medium business owners who are looking for an unsecured small business loan.

You are a referrer or trusted advisor to Australian business owners such as an accountant, bookkeeper or financial planner with associates who are looking for an unsecured small business loan.

How much money do Capify Partners make?

We typically work with our partners on a commission program based on the amount of leads/enquiries generated each month. We usually pay on an agreed percentage of the margin of each funded loan, for both every new and renewed customer.

There is potential to make anywhere from AUD $0 to AUD $25,000 per month.

Does Capify pay for clicks?

No, Capify do not pay for clicks, unless agreed by Capify Management.

Capify only pay for qualified leads and sales made by our affiliate links. Our specialised Small Business Affiliate programs will pay only for selling the Capify products including the unsecured small business loan, Merchant Cash Advance and not for clicks on the banners or text links.

You will be paid once your database of Australian business owners visit Capify using your Affiliate link and are successfully are funded.

Is there a cost to be a Capify Partner?

There is no cost to become a Capify Partner.

Our Partner Portal is also fee free with access to a wide range of professionally designed creative resources and exclusive offers to help our partners succeed.

Do I need a website?

No, you can become a Capify Partner without a website.

However, we believe if you have a website or blog then you can easily generate more sales and leads utilizing the free creative resources we supply you via our partner portal .

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