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Account Access

Get all the information you need online

Gain access to your online Capify account so you can access your details when you want. Here are the step by step details to set your account up and access your online account. 

How to find the Capify Account Portal Quickly

There are two ways you can quickly access the Capify account portal.

Tech & automation

Capify Website


If you forget the portal page, not to worry you can access on the main page on the capify website


Capify Portal


Go straight to the portal landing page and sign in with your email and password

How to log in to your Capify online Account

Here is a video step by step guide to access your Capify account online.

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Step 1

Visit Capify Website



Step 2

Click on the ‘User Login‘ button on the top right hand corner

Step 3

You will then be redirected to the Portal Landing Page 



Step 4

Sign in with your email and password.

Note: Our team would have activated your online portal account once your funds were approved. Your login email should be the email you used to apply for your Capify loan and a password request should have been sent to you when your funds were first approved. If you don’t have your password you can easily reset by clicking the ‘I forgot my password‘ link. If you need to check your email login send us an email at [email protected]


Key Benefits and features

Business loans to upgrade equipment

& Balances

Live updates & forecasting online so you can view your progress in real time



Access all your past documents and statements when you need them

Call Capify

Easy Renewal
Loans Process

Apply for additional loans and renewal to your existing funds quickly and easily

Sales For Growth


You have access to our customer care team when you need as you are our priority

Interested in getting additional funding?

Since you are an existing Capify Customer you will go straight to the front of the line, we can approve and fund your loan fast and painless.

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