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The Building and Construction industry is composed of various businesses including carpenters, remodelers, maintenance, roofer and demolition companies; and just like any other industry, these businesses come in all sizes. However, many of them experience cash flow problems due to delayed payments.


According to statistics, 69% of construction small businesses reported their clients usually paid them on time, however, 27% of respondents reported that they rarely got paid on time while 4% said they never get paid on time. 


This means that construction businesses are constantly running the risk of not getting paid until a project is complete and have a hard time managing their cash flow even while they are engaged in projects.


This industry, in particular, has a hard time borrowing money from banks and other lenders and this inability to secure loans can hinder their growth in the industry.


At Capify, we understand how important having adequate funding is so the business cash flow does not run in the red. This is why we offer short-term and long-term financial solutions for small businesses so that you can access funds with zero collateral damage in 24 hours. 


Benefits of getting an unsecured building and construction loan?

Loans to purchase equipment

Purchase materials

Buy materials or new equipment urgently needed to get your projects completed on time.

Business loans to Improve cash flow

Improve cash flow

Pay your bills or suppliers with ease regardless of seasonality or unpaid invoices.

Business loans to finance next project

Finance your next project

Get your staff, materials, insurances and valuations all in check for your next development project.

Business loans to upgrade equipment

Upgrade your business

Pay for equipment, vechicle and asset maintenance - invest in your business and improve efficiency!

Business loans to Scale up business

Scale for growth

Hire more staff, invest in marketing or expand your services to other locations! Whatever your goals, we can help you reach them.

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Apply online

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Talk to a human

Talk to a human

Receive a solution tailored to fit your business needs.

Provide documentation

Provide documentation

Get verified and approved quickly with minimum docs.

Receive your funds!

Receive your funds!

Get cash straight into your account within 24 hours.

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“The whole experience with Capify was great. Simple and efficient to use. I was amazed how quickly our loan application was approved.”

Paul Cheverall | Home Builders Advantage

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