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Fast b2b business loans and 24-hour funding are critical for cashflow

Many businesses can survive tough times as long as there’s money coming in. But when cash flow dries up and an unexpected bill arrives, stress levels rise and the challenge of paying staff and creditors can become overwhelming. That’s when getting access to a reserve of cash can help alleviate the stress and keep your staff and business b2b partners happy.

Perhaps your business is in the position to take advantage of a great opportunity but doesn’t have the cash to grab that chance. That might be a great deal on new tools and equipment, the opportunity to present at a trade show or access to new staff during a period of high demand or when a special person becomes available.

Situations like this or many others can be alleviated by quick access to funds at a reasonable rate with fair payment terms. Traditionally, banks we’re the first port of call for finance but they’ve typically let small businesses down.

Their processes are time-consuming, they aren’t small business-friendly and see them as a risk rather than a customer, and require mountains of data that make the entire process to complex for many business operators.

And even if the B2B borrower does all the right things, the time it takes for the money to be accessible can be so long that the need for the money has passed.

When opportunities and challenges arise, businesses want finance partners that can come to the party quickly with loan products that suit their needs, instead of getting businesses to bend over backwards to suit the bank’s way of doing things.

B2B Small businesses want lenders that understand the pressures they face. Savvy lenders have expedited processes that, while ensuring both parties are protected from potential risks, don’t make life harder for the already stressed borrower. And those processes can be measured with a clock and not a calendar – borrowers want fast processes that execute in hours, not days or weeks.

Borrowers need to know a few things. For example, is a secured business a better option than an unsecured business loan?

Secured business loans use an asset such as a residential or commercial property as security against the loan. So, if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can use that asset to recoup potential losses. That offsets the risk for the loan provider. This lets them offer lower interest rates and, potentially, lend larger amounts.

Unsecured loans don’t use an asset as security. This means the borrower doesn’t have any assets at risk but they typically have higher interest rates and are limited to smaller loan amounts.

Depending on your circumstances, both can be useful financial instruments to support business expansion, the purchase of new equipment, expand your business, or to overcome cash-flow challenges. Lenders that focus on the needs of business understand the needs of business users can be acute and require rapid attention. That’s why lenders like Capify offer simple and fast application processes that, once they complete the appropriate checks, get money into your hands as quickly as possible.

Getting money into your hands within 24 hours of an application takes away stress and lets you get on with running your business rather than collecting documents from accountants, filling in complex forms and waiting days for an outcome. Fast business loans mean you can take advantage of opportunities that arise. What if the difference between you winning a multi-million dollar contract or letting it pass you by was a $10,000 insurance premium that you lacked the immediate funds to pay?

A fast loan would let you take out that coverage and win the business. 

What if a new piece of equipment was available that cut the amount of time you needed to do a job by half, allowing you to help more clients and drive up revenues?  

Rapid access to funds would give you the cash-flow to make that move and take advantage of new opportunities that might otherwise pass you by.

Fast business loans that get money into your hands within 24 hours can be the difference between missing an opportunity or growing your business. When unexpected challenges arise, fast access to funds can help relieve stress.

Finding a reputable lender that understands this and can respond when you need them can help you achieve even greater success.

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Our mission is to help small businesses by providing simple, quick and responsible access to business funds

Capify was born out of the desire to offer small businesses an alternative and accessible lending option. Proudly we were the first to do so in Australia. With 10+ years of local experience providing small business loans working capital globally, Capify is Australia’s most experienced alternative lender to small business.

With a focus on customer service and simplicity; our vision is to support Australian businesses with tailored financial solutions and solve small business finance. With our philosophy, we work together to create the most flexible and accessible commercial business loans for our clients. This allows us to streamline our internal processes passing on time and cost savings to you.

Capify is Australia’s Leading unsecured small business lender, and you can easily find us on Finder.com.au, Canstar, Mozo, InfoChoice, and other financial comparison websites.

We have business-friendly staff

We ensure our team have a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian SME market and can truly understand your business needs, aspirations and need for finance. Our small business lending consultants will guide you through the entire small business loan process from initial quotation to funding.

Mozo says “With more than ten years of experience, Capify has been helping Australia’s small business owners reach new heights with their tailored funding solutions. The lender provides unsecured business loans which are flexible and accessible, and its simple application process makes getting funding a breeze”.

Our unsecured business loan funding products work for you

We have several repayment solutions, all of which we tailor to suit your business activities and cash flow. We work with you to construct a repayment structure which will minimise the impact on your business cash flow. We’re proud of the customised solutions we design with our customers, and we see them renew their small business loans time and time again with us.

Australia’s most prominent financial services comparison website Canstar says

Take a look at some of our customers lending’ success stories and how we’ve partnered with them to make their dreams and aspirations a reality.

At Capify, we offer short-term business loans, usually three to twelve months for a variety of small businesses. Below, we’ve collected some of the costs, features and other need-to-knows of a Capify business loan, so you can be completely informed before you sign up. Proudly we were the first to do so in Australia.   With over 10+ years of local experience providing small business loans working capital globally. Capify is Australia’s most experienced alternative fin-tech lender to small business.

Adopting a customer-centric focus on service and simplicity; our vision is to support Australian businesses with tailored financial solutions. With our philosophy, we work together to create the most flexible and accessible commercial business loans for our clients. This allows us to streamline our internal processes passing on time and cost savings to you.

Capify Is one of the most trusted small business lenders in Australia. With TrustPilot reviews and Google reviews that speak for themselves, our story shows our dedication towards helping business finance growth.

Capify Australia provides FAQ’s and a customer help centre on unsecured business loans, quick business loans, online business loans solutions based around the payments, credit, investment and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and the territories, markets space. Small Business Australia says: “Capify Australia: Review for Borrowers.

Read the following Capify review to find out more about this company and discover if it’s suitable for your needs. … Capify is obviously among the top 3 most significant and most respected lenders in the Australian small business loan market”.

Australia’s leading Finacial Comparison Website, Finder.com.au.says “

If you’re looking for a flexible business loan. This unsecured financing option from Capify may be one to consider”. You can apply for however much you need, with loans of between $5,000 and $300,000 available, and with same-day approval, you can have your funds within 24 hours. Repayments can be flexible to suit your business’ cash flow”.

Find out more about the benefits of a Capify Unsecured Business Loan in the review.

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