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Top up your Loan

When you can reapply for another loan

For customers who are halfway through their loan repayments, we offer customers exclusive rates and customer exemptions so they can easily top up their funds to continue growing their business without the interruption of having to find and apply for another new loan. You can easily top up your existing loan or apply for a new one without any fuss or delays, so you don’t have to worry about finding funding for your business growth. Apply now on our website.


Benefits to Capify Customers

Since you are an existing Capify Customer you will go straight to the front of the line, we can approve and fund your loan fast and painless.

Less Paperwork Required

We have your details on file so all we need is up to date statements and your ready to go

You are our

You can top up your loan quickly and easily and as a customer, you are our top priority

Renewal Loan
after 50% Paid

You can apply to top up your loan after 50% is paid or reapply for a completely new loan

Financial History Secured

Keep all your financial details with one provider, reduce information being shared

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