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Women in Business

Research suggests that having women in a business team influences its success. Based on a study in 2014, women performed better in a comprehensive test of emotional intelligence, outdoing their male counterparts in fields like management, facilitation, understanding, and perception. These characteristics are essential in analysing problems, making big decisions, handling systems, and communicating with team members and clients.
Having a high level of emotional intelligence brings a lot to the table when it comes to business. The ability to read gestures, facial expressions and other non-verbal cues put women at an advantageous position. Their abilities can be leveraged to know what other people are thinking, as they quickly respond with tailored solutions. Let’s delve further. Here are five advantages that women bring to business teams.

Superb Communication Skills

According to a study by scientists from MIT, Union College, and Carnegie Mellon, the collective intelligence of a group, or business team for that matter, is correlated with turn taking in conversations, social sensitivity, and the presence of women. All this points to emotional intelligence and how it can be effectively harnessed. Having the ability to decipher one’s emotional puzzle brings forth resolutions to problems faster and moves the business team forward.
Critical meetings and big decisions are a part of any business, with top management deliberating on which strategies to pursue and the series of adjustments to be made. Normally, things can get heated between decision makers, especially if they have conflicting opinions. Women excel in this scenario. Women can see, beforehand, if the discussion is headed towards an incendiary direction, and act accordingly. Women can ascertain expressions, gestures and tone of the people in the boardroom.
Successful female entrepreneurs also do well in micromanaging employees. They can be firm in their ways, but also possess the emotional versatility to communicate in an affectionate tone if the work force is facing a tough stretch. As a result, the workforce is motivated to perform, knowing that the top management cares for their plight.
Women who work in the sales and customer service departments can swiftly defuse the objections of customers and gradually turn them into loyal patrons of the company, using an impressive balance of fact, charm, and an understanding tone.

Exceptional Online Communicators

A woman’s ability to “read minds” remarkably transcends the physical plane and into the virtual realm. Like with face-to-face meetings, they are wired to catch the non-verbal cues in emails, online meetings, and social media. They can quickly adjust their communication strategy upon picking up on these things. The same thing applies for telecommunications. Women can apply this skill not only with customers, but also with teammates.

Balanced Leadership

Women are inherent managers and can successfully perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
When given the chance, women shine through as natural leaders. If needed, they can simulate how they deal with an assemblage of household tasks in the workplace. and complement the qualities of strong male leaders.
Responsible males are known to have an unbreakable drive and unyielding focus on getting tasks done. Women, on the other hand, are built to find a series of solutions per problem and they can curb their egos when making decisions. They can be thorough with their propositions. and this can help a business team ascertain the most feasible plans of action a company should enact.

Strengthen Professional Relations

With good communications, an individual can fortify ties between team members, the company and its clients, and management. Women are exceptional mediators. They know when to listen and make interjections and assertions at the right time. This results in a healthy environment for exchanging ideas and the potential advancement of business plans.
Apart from internal ties, their ability to “read minds” can help a company fish out advantageous business deals. A woman can read the mental states of potential partners or investors while talking. They can use the appropriate tone backed with a thorough explanation on the company’s goals and ideals to win over potential partners and investors. They can quickly see the connection points that they should enter or to get the other party to open up or to appear impressive. Deals are leveraged thereafter.

Purveyor of Fairness and Justice

While men are typically bolder when taking action, women are keen towards making everything fair. Females are inclined to give back not only to the company’s employees, but also to society. They can tie the company’s goals to the betterment of communities, establishing partnerships with non-profit organisations and charities. This will help the company be more socially responsible and perhaps give the company tax breaks.
Internally, women have the EQ to listen to the needs of the workforce and communicate with them in a charming and sympathetic manner. They could, then, take action to strike a balance between company goals and employee welfare. This makes them effective facilitators of a harmonious working environment.

Multitasking and a Keen Eye on Detail

Going back to a previous example, women are accustomed to juggling a lot of tasks at home and in their daily routines. It translates well in a professional environment, since they are not rattled easily upon the arrival of multiple tasks. And unlike some men, they can perform some of them simultaneously.
A woman’s strong mental constitution allows her to zone in on significant details pertaining to a task or plan. Sensible adjustments can be made on the fly, influencing the positive results of business outcomes. Furthermore, strong women can curb anxiety when making critical decisions. They can analyse, monitor, and even facilitate change when the company needs to switch operational strategies.
All told, women have the emotional intelligence and the rational mind-set to deduce the best solutions that a company should pursue. This can pave the way for sustainable growth and progressively increasing returns for any organisation. Studies have, in fact, shown that the presence of women significantly boosts the success rates of business teams.
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