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Wear your heart on your sleeve for customers

‘Tis the season for love and relationships in February. Small business peak trading season continues as Cupid comes to town on 14 February. But Valentine’s Day also presents a fantastic opportunity to get to the heart of your customer relationships. Do your customers love you? How do you show your customers that you love them? Why not use February as an annual reminder to check in on your customer service and recognition endeavours. From here, you can plan ways to show your customers just how much you value them through small business peak trading and beyond throughout the entire year. Here are three tips to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Make it personal
    Everyone revels in individual recognition and appreciation. Here is where personalisation of products and services can help your SME make an even bigger splash throughout small business peak trading and beyond. Be sure to integrate individual customers’ preferences, requirements and interests into your personalisation efforts. You don’t have to do something whizz bang and expensive. Even a gesture as simple as creating a colour scheme that matches a client’s logo or sending a handwritten letter through the mail can be highly impactful.
  2. Make it an occasion
    What better way to amp up small business peak trading than with a VIP event just for your most valued customers? Think cheese and wine, charity event or even just a good old fashioned celebration. Tell your customers to bring their friends and get some great discussions happening about your business. In just one event you can cement customer loyalty by showing your appreciation and tap into a whole new customer pool. Don’t forget to capture customer details by using an online registration tool too.
  3. Ask for feedback
    Many customers don’t bother providing feedback because they feel it will fall on deaf ears. So if you proactively go looking for it, imagine what a statement that makes. Ask for feedback and in doing so, you will show your customers that you value their options and how they experience your business, service and products really matters to you. There are plenty of ways to elicit feedback. Have staff ask customers a couple of pre-defined questions in-store as part of their transaction. Or pop out a survey with a sweetener to encourage completion and return.

Customer appreciation efforts do not have to cost you a fortune. There are many simple imaginative ways to show customers that you care, not just over small business peak trading but continually throughout every year. Should you wish to take your customer appreciation initiatives to the next level, sink some money into this. Capify flexible small business loans can give you the extra funds you need to give your clients the following message loud and clear: “We love and value you”. Inspire long-term loyalty and reap the rewards of return customers who bring their family and friends along for the ride.

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