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Three steps to powerful planning and execution

Business planning provides the blueprint for how your business will operate and grow. Sure having the ability to roll with the punches is important. That’s how you capitalise on opportunities. Knowing where you can get reputable fast funding gives you the agility to walk through valuable doors as they open, or even to knock on them when the time is right. But staying firm in your planning decision-making is equally key. If you constantly change tact, you cannot reap the rewards of following through on all your hard planning work. To help you enjoy powerful business results, we have put together a simple outline of the three steps to powerful planning and execution.

Planning development

When it comes to successful planning development, it is all about power to your people. No matter how large or small your team, encourage participation and collaboration among all your people. When staff help create and shape plans, they naturally have a sense of pride and ownership in your business direction. Not only does this get you all-important staff buy-in but it also gains you loyalty, better retention and enriched staff relationships. There are lots of simple yet effective ways to bring your team into your planning, like:


Get effective two-way communication happening so everyone is on the same page when it comes to carrying out your business plans. When everyone in your business is talking to and discussing frequently with each other, you will find the right decisions being made more often right across your business. That is because regular ongoing discussions keep your important business plans front of mind and increase understanding of their impact at all levels of your business.


So you have got everyone on-board in making your business plans then kept these alive and clearly understood with open two-way communication. Now it’s time to make your best laid plans happen. Lead your people by example to successful planning implementation. Walk the walk and show staff just how committed you are to the planned changes. You will build trust, hold yourself accountable and drive those results you have planned for. When you lead action by example, your team will follow suit.

One factor that can really support you in actioning key business plans is having a direct line to fast funding. Should any of your plans require a bit of extra cash flow behind them, a reputable fast funding is a real ace in the hole. So include this in your planning. Hone in on a trustworthy lender who offers proven fast funding tailored to your business needs.

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