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Shop Local During COVID-19 Lockdown to Support the Small Business Community 

Help Capify support the small business community in Australia during COVID-19.

We have shared products, services and special offers from local businesses who need your support on this page.

Have a look around our marketplace to see if there are any products or services you are interested in.

Support for businesses in Australia doesn’t just have to come from our government. We can all join together as a community to make a difference.

If you make a purchase, please take a photo and tag Capify with the hashtags #WeGotYourBack #CapifyBusinessSupport #WeLoveSmallBusiness

Capify Business Support - Bespoke Health & Performance

Bespoke Health and Performance

If you have been working from home like most of us at Capify Australia you’ve probably experienced some form of lower limb pain or discomfort such as back pain from sitting on uncomfortable chairs, hip pain from exercising at home or even running pain if you’re trying to stay active.


Bespoke Health and Performance have an experienced team of Podiatrists that can help you get rid of pain with proven treatments, exercise plans and also educate you on how to ensure the pain doesn’t reoccur in future!


They accept all Australian private health funds and are recognised as a preferred health-care provider for companies such as BUPA, entrusting them as the first point of call with their “Members First” clients.

Capify Business Support - Ground Keepers Cafe Blacktown

Grounds Keeper Cafe Blacktown

Hidden away within the Blacktown Showground Precinct on Richmond Road, the Grounds Keeper Café is a local favourite dishing out gourmet Middle Eastern breakfast and lunch.


Both the owner and their staff are super friendly, quick and provide a great service.


They are open for takeaway so if you live around Blacktown, get your work out gear on, grab a coffee and some delicious breakie and get some exercise around the park, all in one go!

Capify Business Support - The Gentlemen's Parlour

The Gentlemen's Parlour Sydney

ISO life means some of us are desperate for a haircut! If you’re local to Parramatta, check out The Gentlemen’s Parlour Sydney for great quality haircuts!


Unfortunately, these guys only opened a week before lockdown, so any support we could all give them will help immensely.

Capify Business Support - Allan's Pest Control

Allan's Pest Control

Got creepy crawlies that you can’t seem to get rid off? Get in touch with Allan’s Pest Control for a complete home pest control which is considered Essential Services.


These guys are super quick, efficient and knowledgeable on all things pest! Great time to knock off pesky tasks like these whilst you work from home, and also support our small local businesses!

Capify Business Support - Big Tree House

Big Tree House Rydalmere

One of the most important ways of staying sane during COVID isolation is to keep up some sort of a routine. So take a walk to a local small café like the Big Tree House in Rydalmere and grab yourself some take away coffees.


It will do your soul some good to get both caffeine and fresh air in you!

Capify Business Support - Glendenning Tyre & Auto Repairs

Glendenning Tyre & Auto repairs

If you’re in need of general mechanical repairs, tyre & wheel alignment or getting your pink & blue slips out West, look no further then the guys at Glendenning Tyre & Auto repairs.


They provide professional quality service with a big smile and great competitive prices!

Capify Business Support - The Virtual Degree

The Virtual Degree

At a time where social distancing is vital, showcasing a physical location is becoming increasingly difficult. This is where the guys from The Virtual Degree can help!


Whether you are in real estate or the hotel industry, give your customers an immersive experience and showcase physical spaces in stunning, high-resolution 360-degree views!

Capify Business Support - Mark Carter _ MC Academy

Mark Carter - Business Coaching

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate entity, having a strong, capable team of employees is essential to success, especially in the face of all the challenges COVID-19 has brought.


With years of corporate experience under his belt, Mark Carter can help your business get on the right track with his tailored customer service training and sales development programs.

Capify Business Support - The Sauce Connection

The Sauce Connection

With staying at home during COVID Isolation, a lot of us have taken to cook more. A little secret we’ve learnt is adding a bit of The Sauce Connection’s chilli sauce gives your homemade meals a great lil Latin American kick without being too hot or spicy!


Locally made in Australia, using the finest chillies from Mexico,The Sauce Connection aims to make traditional Latin flavours a staple on your table!

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