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Let Your Business Stand out from the crowd with Australia’s Digital Marketplace

The key to helping your business thrive and stand out from the crowd, explore how the small business marketplace is doing just that!

If you’re ready for your business to stand out from the crowd, your company may be ready for the digital marketplace revolution. A digital marketplace can meet your small business trends and sales need. Every small business comes to the fork in the road where they ask the age-old question of what can a small business use to help them grow and develop?

That leads to the question of what is the role of digital technology in the world of small business development today, and is it important? Digital marketplaces are very important because they help countless small businesses grow and move forward every day. By using the digital small business marketplace in Australia, small businesses get marketing information and tools they need to become the place consumers and other businesses go to when they want specific products or services.

Read on if you want to find out how your business can stand out from the crowd and reach the customers that want to find you. These are the customers and businesses who want to find you and who use the Australian Digital Marketplace when they need to find a product or service to purchase.


Small Business Marketplace

To better understand the Australian Marketplace, it’s good to know how it works, where its at and how they help match customers to small businesses. By definition, a small business marketplace assists in building businesses by helping to provide a dynamic environment that allows businesses to grow. In essence, it helps build and grow small businesses in an eCommerce data parameter marketplace where customers seek what you’re offering for sale.

It’s not a surprise that turning a small business into a successful and prosperous one takes a lot of hard work and effort. But wonder if there was a way you could cut back on some of the intense hours and hard work while your business still thrived? Most small business owners know that building an extensive network and connecting to vendors, suppliers, customers, and peers can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Australian marketing place is the place you’ve been looking for but never knew it was as close as a web click or phone call away. Australia eCommerce brought in over $28 billion last year through online shopping. 9% of all of Australia’s retail sales are made online.

In 2019, there were 5% more online shoppers than in 2018. What’s more, is it’s not going to end anytime soon. In fact, online shopping is projected to increase, so if you own a small business and you want to grow your business presence online in Australia, now is the time to get involved with a small business marketplace to do it.


Digital Marketing Methods for Small Businesses

We live in a digital age, and we all have digital tools available to us for marketing and reaching out to potential customers 24/7. Digitisation applications sometimes works through social media sites, search engine optimisation, and responsive websites. Each of these digital marketing applications has successes and statistics for small businesses to research.

Digital technologies bring small businesses a host of new opportunities but the problem is usually small businesses don’t embrace some of the new technologies like emerging digital tools and small business marketplace applications.


How Social Media Integrates into the Small Business Marketplace

Small business has everything to gain and almost nothing to lose when they integrate with social media websites to network and outreach to potential customers. Social media gives businesses a place to connect with other fellow small business owners and to interact with others at hours convenient to you. But you need to make sure you integrate your social media outreach into your small business marketing goals and objectives.

By using a small business marketplace to give yourself a social media presence, you can employ social media tactics to help move customers into what’s often called the purchase funnel. The Australian Marketplace was created with small businesses in mind so small to medium businesses could connect with potential customers, gain online acceptance and approval through social media, and grow their business in conjunction with both. The Australian Marketplace gives small businesses a place where potential and active customers and peers exchange services that benefit them financially and in social growth and development.


Online Marketplace

Any business that uses an online marketplace is using technology to grow and develop. Entrepreneur magazine states that globally people in the future will still shop in-stores but the marketplace and eCommerce is the wave of the future for small businesses. Online shopping is expected to grow exponentially with up to 67% of consumers using eCommerce online marketplaces to make purchases.

One of technology’s most vital roles is that of helping to provide communication between small businesses and other businesses, vendors, suppliers, customers, and potential customers. Without technology tools and a website marketplace to communicate effectively, your business may not be competitive or successful. Once you’re using technology to communicate and do business, you want to make sure you use technology application tools to keep your company’s confidential information secure while assuring customers; their information is secure as well.

The Australian Marketplace has brilliant eCommerce online technology in place that protects you and your customer’s data. Also, the marketplace provides a form of targeted marketing you can analyse and once you have your analysis done, you can target particular consumer markets where the data shows you’ll be most successful.


B2B Business

Small businesses that use eCommerce to grow teach you how to discern better how to understand and then target consumer behaviour based on the triggers they need to make a purchase. You can also learn through a small business marketplace what advertising or marketing outreach works best. You can’t stay competitive if you can’t research, understand, and then implement strategies your research has provided.

When a small business is using B2B marketing through a marketplace, it is no longer marketing to the consumer. Rather they are marketing business to business. The two types of markets are very deep and have various winding paths to success.

The reason you market to a B2B is to focus on your product and its feature. You’re not marketing to the consumer, so you’re free of all emotion. You focus on understanding buyers and how they operate within an organization or business structure and procedure.

In other words, you want to learn about the people using the product and why they’re using it. This allows you to create more in-depth marketing strategies with more targeted and streamlined messages. You want your buyers to understand their return on the investment they get once they purchase your product or service.


B2B Marketing in a Small Business Marketplace

Cash Flow is always of prime importance to a small business. So having a way to perform B2B marketing in a small business marketplace helps give businesses realistic budget projections based on detailed marketing strategies. Most SMEs don’t make a profit for a couple of years so many have to find a way to both increases cash flow today while strategizing how to grow and develop their small business into what it can be tomorrow.

That’s why you work out a small business budget and stick to it until your marketing strategy starts giving you the financial results you seek.


A Small Business B2B Example That Used a Marketplace Solution

A prime example of B2B marketing working through a small business marketplace is an Australian and New Zealand company MYOP: Tax Time. This is a company that markets to businesses, and in the beginning, they wanted to show potential business clients how their business management solutions help companies manage their money. Their services help businesses manage their money more effectively by connecting them with bookkeepers, accountants, financial service professionals, etc.

MYOP: Tax Time has two main buyers that are:

  • Small businesses
  • Established companies wanting to learn more insight into their day-to-day operations

MYOB now has a B2B content marketing strategy that reaches out to each of the two main buyer groups with their respective concerns and considerations. MYOB knew that its growth depended on creating content for their brand as an expert resource for businesses as they developed and grew their companies. MYOP showed businesses why their services provided them with the most expert help, cost savings and reduced the time the businesses would struggle over questions and concerns.


Small Business Marketplace Questions

There’s no doubt it is more expensive to market business to business than to a consumer or potential customer market. That’s mainly because any business to business transaction requires a lot of company people in the decision-making process as they try to figure out if your company’s product or service will give them a return on their investment purchase. In a marketplace, you want to ask yourself targeted and detailed business questions.

You want to understand how your idea, product, or service will be useful to your audience. Even when you get rejected as happens from time to time, you can go back to your marketplace drawing board to figure out how to change your product, service or idea model into something more needed and wanted by the marketplace business base. As a business, no matter your service or product showcasing yourself on the internet through a small business marketplace allows you to reach more businesses and potential customers.


Why is the Digital Market so Important to a Businesses Growth and Development?

Digital technology links people and businesses together in today’s world. Technology provides the communication linkage that helps make businesses relevant to other companies and potential customers for growth and development purposes. Technology’s ability to provide communication allows the improvement of products or services continuously according to the marketplace feedback you receive.

Digital technology through the small business marketplace helps you target what analytic tools serve your business best based on sales, input, feedback, reports, and more. Each tool you use in the small business marketplace gives you some reading which gives you accuracy on what’s working or what needs to be eliminated. Decision-making in most businesses today revolves around analytical decision making which was received by reading the marketplace’s conditions and feedback from customer satisfaction levels.

Digital marketing allows your company to organize itself within the marketplace and make changes based on financial data technology. Financial data that are provided through a marketplace solution gives you a follow-up budget you’ll create based on that data. That a benefit that can never be overvalued.

It’s the very engine that drives your business forward.

How Can You Take Your Next Step with a Small Business Marketplace?

eCommerce and online small business marketplaces are going three times faster than any business offline. There’s no end in sight of what and how far it can go. The global world is a very viable eCommerce online opportunity for your business and you shouldn’t hesitate to move forward by connecting with the small business marketplace.

The rules of eCommerce change all the time but the way you can make your small business success in Australia’s Digital Marketplace is by setting no artificial limits on the role of technology and what it can bring your business in growth, opportunity and development. Australian and global research have given small businesses a roadmap to follow with the small business marketplace solution.

Never give up on your business vision for your future. Collaborate with a company that brings you to value, resources, and finances to help you grow your business along the way. Any small business marketplace collaborator you work with should be able to help you obtain business funds when you need it as simple as possible. Every road you go down, you need to remember has been travelled by others and they have a wealth of information and assistance they can give you but you must take the first step yourself.

Your business has the capacity to stand out from others in the Australian Digital Marketplace but only if you collaborate with those that want to give you information or guide you along the way. Capify will be with you as you take your first step towards your businesses lucrative future. Click on or call Capify at 1300-760-930 today!


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