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Jan 2019

New year, new equipment: new business growth

January 10, 2019
Capify Australia

As we prepare to usher in a new year, now is a perfect time to consider what you need to make 2019 your best year yet. No doubt new equipment will be on the list. After all, new equipment brings fresh capabilities and enhanced service to your small business. All of which help you grow brand loyalty, market share and diversify your client base. An unsecured business loan can give you the funds you need to get equipment you require. Here are three tips to help you grow your SME with greatness:

Get the best out of unsecured business loans

If your SME needs new equipment to kick major and important growth goals, good news is at hand. Unsecured business loans let you bring that essential equipment onboard without pledging business or personal assets as security. Plus, unsecured business loans also allow you to put key new equipment to work immediately without having to wear major cash outlay upfront. It is not just equipment that unsecured business loans can make happen either. You can also access funds for building expansion or staff recruitment too. With 24 hour approval turnaround and fixed daily repayment schedules, Capify unsecured business loans help you make growth happen while making financial management simple and seamless.

Be a SME with a planA strong business plan keeps everyone honest and high performing. So as your business grows, so too will your role in it. Great growth means more delegation on your part and here is where a clearly communicated mission, purpose and plan pays dividends. Not only does it mean everyone is working on the same page as to where your business is headed. A sound business plan also highlights what new moves you may be making and what resources you need to make these powerfully. You can pinpoint precisely where you will need extra finance then make timely access of unsecured business loans to make your plan happen.

Take a steady strategic growth approach

Growth is exciting but it pays greatest dividends when you achieve sustainable growth. Unsecured business loans mean you can tick the box of necessary funding without breaking a sweat. That leaves you free to focus on the strategy underpinning your growth endeavours. With finance in your back pocket, you can take time to recruit the right people for your business, select the most relevant high performing equipment and map out your next business moves.

Unsecured business loans make it simple to finance acquisition of critical new equipment. Speak with Capify about flexible financial solutions to make 2019 your best, most productive year in business yet.

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