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Australia’s first online small business lender launches new Affiliate Marketing Portal to provide a killer alternative to the Big Banks

Capify, Australia’s most experienced Fintech online business lender, has launched its new Affiliate Marketing portal this week.  

“In Australia, Fintech’s need to think fast, and innovate faster. The affiliate portal has derived from the growth we are experiencing in the affiliate and broker market. We want to work with local and global affiliate finance marketplace partners to provide greater competition to traditional banks and alternative lenders Australia-wide. Capify has been operating in the Australian market for over eleven years and has recently secured a $135 million credit facility with Goldman Sachs to deliver its customer’s funding requirements” states Capify’s Managing Director, John de Bree. 

According to Australian Government research last year. The demand for fast online, unsecured small business finance continues to grow. Small Australian businesses are a significant contributor to the economy, with 2.2 million employing 44 per cent of Australia’s private sector workforce and generating 35 per cent of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product and meeting the demand for growth and cash flow is mission critical. 

The Fintech acknowledges the developments in technology as a priority to be customer-centric and help businesses through their journey to achieve success and growth. Capify’s Affiliate Marketing Portal is changing the way alternative lenders do business. Capify’s mission is to continually improve its customer’s and broker partner’s overall experience, such as providing partners with an API to provide greater transparency as we engage with customers. 

de Bree adds “We’re always looking for ways to improve and increase our footprint in the region and by providing small business loans to Australian businesses with quality customer-centric automation, it helps the industry as a whole. The affiliate portal is just another step in the right direction to grow our business, so Australian business owners have options to even faster, more competitive cashflow solutions through our valued partners”. 

The affiliate portal is part of Capify’s commitment to creating greater transparency and service with its Global partners and increase market competition. Capify values its strategic partner relationships and has a rewarding broker program with a dedicated team of broker development managers across Australia. 

Co-founder of Australia’s leading financial comparison website Finder, Fred Schebesta, said, “It’s remarkable to watch newer players like Capify enter the market and innovate old banking models through technology. Innovation makes the entire industry better, and as a result, consumers are the ones who ultimately benefit.” 

Australian businesses have a high demand for quick lending services. Finder has seen increased demand and competition from alternative providers like Capify compared to the banks. 

Capify’s philosophy is simple, and we provide the most flexible, fastest, and accessible commercial business loans for our clients. Capify streamlines internal processes passing on time and cost savings to our customers and partners.  

About Capify 

Capify provides quick, flexible, business loan financing solutions to SMEs seeking working capital to sustain or grow their business. Capify values its strategic partner broker relationships and has a rewarding broker program with a dedicated team of BDM’s across Australia.   We operate with more than 120 employees globally between Australia and our sister company Capify UK that provides similar products to UK-based SMEs. For more details visit www.capify.com.au/capify-affiliate-partner/

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