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3 Important Ways to Keep Marketing in Your Small Business Relevant

When you start out as a new business the marketplace can seem overwhelming. However, there are some easy and integral things to remember when implementing your marketing plan. Here are 3 ways in which you can utilise current trends and make sure that you remain relevant as a small business.

Social Media

It may seem obvious, but social media really is the key to any modern marketing plan. As a small business, you should be thinking hard about how you want to implement your social media strategy. Social media allows anyone and everyone the ability to connect with the public. So don’t forget to utilise this important tool. You can use certain features on Twitter and Facebook to find users who have been searching for services such as yours. Once you do this you can reach out to them and invite them to connect with your business. There is nothing to lose with social media. Some people will click over to your page and hopefully engage with you – others won’t. No harm done!
It’s important to remember that social media is not just about numbers. Don’t just think about getting followers. You need to interact with them as well. You should use social media with the end result in mind. What connections do you want to make with your social media accounts? Think about creating free giveaways or competitions to raise user interactivity and to get your company name spread online. Social media is the best way to raise positive word-of-mouth, so make sure to include content which displays the voice you want your business to have. Keep it fun but informative and you’ll soon have a loyal following.

Get Talking in the Local Area!

One of the best ways you can spread news about your business is through other people. Get out there and utilise your community. The rise of small businesses is welcomed in local communities, as the national psyche turns from big corporations to smaller, local businesses. Contact local press and see if they’ll mention you in an upcoming article. A mention in either physical print or online can seriously convert into new customers. Also remember that a link to your website on any other page will do wonders for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), another key player in modern business marketing. In addition, get talking to other businesses in your area. Whether they offer a similar service or product to you or not, most small business owners are happy to discuss what has made them a success. People who are keen to help may also be willing to advertise for you within their own business. Networking and striking up new business relationships is a sure fire way to grow your marketing and keep your name in the mix.

Find Your Niche and Attract Attention

In the current market people want a tailored service. They want a product or service which is exactly right for their needs and as a general rule people are happy to pay more for a provision that they think will deliver. Therefore it’s important that you find the right consumer base for your business and play to your strengths within this market. Think about who you want to target and why? What do they want from your service and how will you consistently deliver this for them? Once you’ve decided on this you need to develop a tone of voice which matches your service and also appeals to your niche. Look at similar businesses to yours, or businesses you aspire to, and see how they approach their customers.
You’ll also need to keep on trend and be continuously engaging. Create short and snappy copy. Produce adverts that don’t overwhelm your audience. The most recent studies show that the average human attention span is only 8 seconds. Think about innovative ways to reach out to your customers. Create compelling images or even short videos which engage your customer. The new age customer is much more likely to watch a video than read a block of text. Grab the attention of your intended user and grab it fast.

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