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Sep 2018

How to survive your peak trading season without burning out

September 18, 2018
Capify Australia

Every SME has its busy season. That time when you make bumper sales and have hoards of customers pouring through your doors. It could be Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas or another industry-specific spike in customer demand. Some SMEs even have a steady flow of business all year around. No matter what, peak trading season is as exhausting and demanding on business owners as it is invaluable to SME success. Fortunately, some smart planning and strategies can help keep business owners on top of their game throughout peak customer demand and beyond. Here is your go-to guide for surviving your SMEs busy season.
Build long-term trusted relationships with your suppliers so you know that when customer demand surges, you have all the stock you need to ensure satisfaction. Business owners who enjoy strong supplier relationships are also better supported in getting necessary stock at a fair affordable rate.
Get strategic about when you take your holidays. All business owners know when the busy season falls for their specific SME. So take this knowledge and plan your breaks around it. Schedule a getaway or simply time to unplug before peak trading season hits so you go into this fresh and revitalised. Be sure to pop another break in your calendar for after the busy season so you can recover and recharge.
Simplify your life. When peak customer demand hits, business owners need to be fully on deck. So just as you do in business, delegate aspects of your personal life that can cut you extra space to focus on your SME busy season. Outsource what you affordably can to drycleaners, cleaners, online shoppers and more.
Take a flexible team approach
Business owners typically bear the brunt of peak season pressure, yet naturally this has a flow-on affect to staff. If you make constant overtime demands, you may end up with an exhausted, less-productive and dissatisfied workforce. Put together flexible working schedules so overtime is kept to short sharp bursts and shared among your people. Allow staff members to work from home where possible or give them flexi-time that fits into the demands of your peak season.
Gather your resources. For many SME business owners, the extra customer demand means the need for extra resources. Maybe you need to take on casual staff or you need additional temporary storage in which to keep the increased influx of stock. Here is where flexible small business loans like those offered by Capify can be your ace in the hole.
Limbering up for your peak trading season? Use these tips to help you stay fresh and invigorated in optimising the increased customer demand. Why not get in touch with Capify too and look further into their wealth of helpful small business loans.

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