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How to reward your VIP customers on a small budget

Loyal customers are the ultimate prize for your business. They are terrific brand ambassadors, top buyers and essential to your profit margin. Like all of us, your VIP customers love to be rewarded for their loyalty – and could be wooed away by more attentive competitors if they are starved of such recognition from you. If you are bursting at the seams with enthusiasm for rewarding VIP customers, but your budget is less bulging, never fear. There are plenty of ways to show your loyal customers just how much you value their repeat business without breaking the bank. If you do want to think bigger for your customer rewards, connecting with a good lender is sure to get you access to funds that you may need.

Here are three ways you can reward your VIP customers right now:

Give your clients a giggle with a funny team photo thanks shows your staff are thinking of them, spotlight a VIP client on your social media or build a community where you give valued loyal clients inside information about your services and products in advance. These are just a few bonus ideas for showing your clients how greatly you value their loyalty.

Sometimes only a really whizz-bang effort will feel good enough for your most valued clients. When this is the case, it can be easy and enjoyable to truly outdo yourself. Capify has a bunch of flexible business loans giving you access to funds that enable you to turn on a really memorable rewards initiative.  Deliver a large discount, grant VIP customers outstanding extra benefits or invite your best clients out to an event like the footy, a theatre performance or something else that you know they will love. All with access to funds readily in your account thanks to the right business loan. Speak with Capify today.

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