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Feb 2016

Get Lucky in Business this St. Patrick’s Day

February 29, 2016
Capify Australia

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and for many Australians, the non-official holiday is a licence to party. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to earn and share some gold through exclusive offers, freebies, and other fun activities.

Here’s a look at how Australia will celebrate St. Patrick’s day, as well as a few tips on how your business can make the most of the celebrations.




Sydney, home of Capify in Australia, will not be hosting the traditional St. Patrick’s Day parade or family day this year due to financial setbacks.

“The Sydney St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been one of the largest in the world, and it’s with a lot of sadness that we cannot fund the event this year, however we are committed to bringing it back in 2017,” said Robert Kineavy, president of the Sydney St. Patrick’s Day Org, Inc.

In 2015, 80,000 people attended the festivities in Sydney, making it the fourth largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world, after New York, Dublin, and Boston.

Despite the cancellation of the main event, however, local businesses and organisations will still be holding their own St. Paddy’s-themed celebrations and activities.

Any holiday or celebration is always a great chance to draw in customers, because…


Shamrock and Shenanigans in Sydney

As the droves of people pass by your pub, bar, restaurant, or store, they will see the green bunting, the Irish shamrock stickers, and the happy partygoers in or on your building. This tells them immediately that your place will definitely be a stop later in the day.

St. Paddy’s Day gives you a whole new audience group outside your regular customers. It only makes sense then to go the extra mile and make the most of the surge in new customers. If you’re in a prime position in your locale, leverage it.


A Community Celebration

Not every business or store is in the city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the festivities. St. Patrick’s Day is a community celebration, so if there are no happenings or fun events in your area, don’t be afraid to start your own.

Especially if you run a bar, a restaurant, or any other food and drink establishment, there are always numerous opportunities to highlight your offers and tie it up with the event. Just don’t forget to offer traditional Irish food such as cottage pie, corned beef, bangers and mash, and more. Stock up on Guinness, too — you wouldn’t want to get bad luck from the Irish.

This plan would work out very well for you if yours will be the only business in the area celebrating the feast day, or if yours is the one leading the festivities. But whatever part you’re playing, you will need to step up your marketing game to spread awareness.


An Ode to St. Paddy


Before you go full-on party mode, it’s best to be informed about the celebrations, so as not to offend the culture and the people.

  • The Green –  There’s really no solid explanation of the green color being associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but green has a lot of connections to Ireland.

The tradition of wearing green during these festivities was arguably popularised by the belief that wearing the colour made one invisible to leprechauns, the fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see (or those not wearing green).

This is why it’s a tradition to pinch party-goers not following the unofficial dress colour code.

  • The Beer – Guinness, the iconic Irish beer, is the unofficial drink of St. Patrick’s Day. In 2015, the brand sold more than 7 million pints of the beer on St. Paddy’s Day alone

Irish Cream is also a popular drink during this feast day, due to its deep ties to Irish tradition. For your event, be sure to serve these drinks on their own, or as main ingredient in some mix cocktails.

  • The Dancing – Where there’s beer, there’s bound to be some dancing, and St. Patrick’s Day is known for its Irish dancing activities.

Hire people to perform at your St. Paddy’s Day activities to bring a little bit of the luck of the Irish to your celebrations. Track down a local dance school and ask if they can perform.

If you’re planning a family-friendly event, you can make it a true community event by holding a dance contest for kids. Attendance won’t be a problem in these cases since their relatives will likely come and watch.

  • The Leprechaun – This mythological creature is believed to be extremely wealthy, hiding their pots of gold in secret locations, more famously at the end of a rainbow.

Play around with this lore and hold a treasure hunt for the little ones. The pot of gold could be anything from a pot of gold coin chocolates to healthy treats they can take home.


Calling out the Irish in Everyone

To get word out to everyone, here are a few ideas worth trying:

  • The Chalkboard: Every bar, pub or restaurant needs a chalkboard by the sidewalk announcing your St. Paddy’s Day specials. Don’t forget to list the Guinness.
  • The Shamrock: Spread luck to everyone with decorations of the Irish shamrock and a few four-leaf clovers. Don’t forget to include this not only in your physical store, but also any social media profile you have.
  • The Green: Decorate with green, from the lights, to the printouts and other materials. Play Irish or Celtic music, and make sure its loud enough to pump up the party.
  • The Dressup: Encourage everybody to dress up. Paint clovers on your face, dress up as a leprechaun, and even suit up. Anything green is the theme– the point is to make your business fun and appealing.


Be it for a St. Patrick’s Day event, or a project to boost business, marketing will always be key in your success. Behind this is the need for funds to keep your operations going.

Capify is here to help. We are a trusted provider of business finance to small and medium enterprises. What makes us different from the traditional lending companies is that we make business funding simple.

Apply online or get in touch with us today for business funding needs that you can count on.


Or call 1300 760 930 to speak with one of our friendly Lending Consultants now.

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