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Sep 2018

Four digital areas SMEs need to get right in order to succeed in today’s digital world

September 11, 2018
Capify Australia


Modern businesses operate in a true digital age. Digitisation places a host of digital tools at the fingertips of SMEs to help them connect with customers and gain online approval that grows their business. Digital technologies are always evolving bringing new opportunities. In the face of continually emerging digital technologies and possibilities, there are three mainstays that SMEs need to nail in order to succeed. We outline these here.


Social media

LinkedIn is a key social media platform on which SMEs can gain and build online approval. A strong LinkedIn profile can be a wellspring of important business leads and customer connections. The operative word here is ‘strong’. Get your LinkedIn profile working its hardest for you by making sure it is professional, engaging and a high-performing ambassador of your SME. Key tips to power up your LinkedIn profile for online approval and customer draw-in include:

  • Have a clear professional head and shoulders photo as your profile picture. Be sure to keep this image recent so your customers and business networks recognise you instantly both online and in person
  • Hot up your headline by making to grab people’s attention, hold their interest and compel them to connect with you
  • Put your best foot forward in your summary. Think of this segment as your resume: a short, sharp, sweet outline of your best experiences and insights to get that online approval flowing.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You can run a small business and still have a big online presence. SEO is important in making this happen. Even the mention of SEO can send many SME owners shuddering as it sounds like the need to spend big dollars. But in reality there are lots of low-cost SEO methods you can use to boost your search rankings and online approval. Try:

  • Swapping the name ‘Home’ for your homepage with a keyword rich description
  • Putting your contact details on every page making it easy for customers to get in touch no matter where they enter your website
  • Get SEO reporting statistics from your website each week and look over these to see what they’re telling you. You will get better understanding of your customer behaviour and how they are making their way through your website – so you can better respond to and convert them
  • Set an overarching SEO theme for your website that all pages build on. That makes it easier for you to rank for specific relevant terms
  • Give every page on your website its own unique title and description tag. You can do this yourself or get someone with knowledge of SEO to complete this on your behalf


Responsive website

One of the most sure-fire ways to get online approval is by having a responsive website. What is this? A responsive website is a single site that adapts to all screen sizes – even screens on future devices that are yet to hit the market or be developed. So no matter what device your customer is viewing your website on, it displays in a clear complete way giving them full functionality. Mobile use is going through the roof. A responsive website ensures you retain customers who interact with your website via their mobile by providing a positive user-friendly experience. Responsive website design also feeds well into your seo strategy as having a single url makes it easier for Google to find and rank you. Lastly, a responsive website loads quickly so users get that quick gratification they seek. Many customers will disengage with a website or page that takes too long to load.

Ready to hit a home run with your SME’s digital strategy?  You may be interested in some extra funds to really knock these three digital essentials out of the park. Capify has a range  of small business loans that are tailored to your individual business requirements. Speak to the Capify team today and click the button below.


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