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Double Your Sales with Email Automation

So, you’ve set up your business. You’ve got a website, a spattering of social media pages and have invested in some advertising. But you’re just not converting at the rate you’d like to. People are visiting your site but only a small amount are following through and buying your service or product. It can be frustrating, you feel like you’ve done the groundwork but could really do with a boost in sales. Well, look no further the answer is here. Learning about and utilising email marketing automation is a guaranteed way to double your sales.
Email automation is a really simple way to make sure that you are converting more people to purchase your services. The first aim is to get the potential customers email address. Once you have this you’ll be able to keep connecting with the customer and begin an open communication with them. You can get the email through a simple pop-up on your website. You need to program into your website what is known as a lead magnet. In the form of a pop-up over your whole page, or maybe just a side bar which reels with the page, you can get your customers attention. In this magnet you want to offer your customer something for free which will be of use to them. For example if your business is a health food supplier, you can hook the customer by asking them to ‘Sign up for 5 Top Tips on The Hottest New Food Trends’, or something similar. Direct the customer to sign up for something they are bound to want considering they clicked through to your website in the first place. Once they sign up you’ll have their email and you can then contact them directly.
Firstly, you’ll have an automated email set up to send the customers the gift you offered them in the first place. Email set up is easy, and there are many products and services available out there in market. Popular options are: Mailchimp, Get Response, Active campaign, Convert kit, Pardot and many others. The interface usually remains very user friendly once you get familiar with it.
You can devise your email marketing strategy, and accordingly implement it using email automation. You can decide frequency to send out messages, and base your response on specific events, known as, “triggers”. It largely works as an ‘if then’ condition (e.g. IF customers doesn’t open email, THEN send discount coupon).  You will have an email designed for new sign-ups, something called a, “welcome letter”. For users, which are active on your site for a long time but it less often, you may have a different message to send out. It may be an attractive discount going or about a new product added to your range. For frequent users, you may have entirely different message. Email automation opens up the doors to many engagement-style triggers too, for example- why not messages to your customers on their birthday wishing them luck along with an attractive discount/deal on your products?
Well, there is a lot you can do using automation to your advantage. Basic idea is to create engagement. You hook them, create interest, and gradually build rapport. You want to come from a place where you are offering the customer help and advice in your field. You’re not forcing your service or product down their throats but you are subtly building their trust about your expertise and allowing them to slowly move towards purchasing your services or products.
Once the customer has engaged with your first email your automated service can continue to send the user a set of further emails with more useful content within them. This is known as “lead nurturing”. You are securing the customer and letting them know about your brand and services as you go along. When thinking about what to include in the emails remember that stories sell. Create content which tells the customer why they need services like yours and how your core values are sympathetic to the customer. The customer needs to feel instantly engaged with your product and through the motivating use of business storytelling you can convert customers to feeling they need your services.
It has been noted that a customer is most likely to follow through with a purchase once they have had as many as five interactions with a brand. Through a strong email automation system you can build a solid relationship with the potential customer. A lot of interactions will end with the customer returning to your website and hopefully purchasing your services. Remember to have plenty of links within the emails which lead back to your website. This doesn’t necessarily have to be to your sales pages as any interaction with your company and website is going to help strengthen the relationship you have with the customer and lead to more positive affirmations of your brand in their mind. Through this simple emailing tool you are bound to double your sales and create a loyal and informed customer base.

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