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Is Your Business Ready for Christmas 2020?

Christmas is fast approaching, and as business owners know, that means the potential for increased revenues. Although it may seem too early to start getting excited for Christmas, in reality it’s just around the corner.
Here are some tips on how to make the most of Christmas.


Have you started thinking about hiring some new staff? Don’t leave it to the last minute to get some seasonal employees because by the time they start, they won’t be trained enough to serve your customers in the best way.
You need to carefully calculate how many extra members of staff you think will be needed during this time. Take a look at holiday requests and create a timetable detailing when your existing employees will be working well in advance. This will help you and them plan for Christmas.


At this time of the year, there’s a lot going on, so capture people’s attention and stand out from other businesses similar to yours by utilising every marketing channel available. You don’t want to leave it down to luck that someone will find your business. Marketing is a really great way to encourage people to specifically seek you out.
Make your business present through social media campaigns. Design creative images to promote sales, instagram your staff in Santa hats, or tweet out pictures of your inventory under a Christmas tree to use holiday cheer to attract new customers. Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful way to attract customers.
Make the most of your website and update it to include all of your latest deals and offers. You could also promote any new clothes, dishes, or drinks you have available for the Christmas months. Marketing isn’t just based online though, you should also get some flyers printed and hand them out to passers-by.


Lots of people are starting to think about buying presents. When browsing around shops they will be taking note of appealing products which they think a family member or friend may like. You therefore need to think about ordering new Christmas stock now. Make sure you’re following up on the trends in tech or toys. Stocking popular items will help customers continue to see it as the place to shop. If a customer asks for something you don’t have, see if it’s possible to order it in—it shows customers you’re willing to go the extra mile.
Put some of your bestselling Christmas items in your store window so people are attracted to your shop as soon as they wander past. Organise and prepare.


In the run-up to Christmas, people start going on the hunt for new restaurants, pubs and hotels so you need to make your establishment look appealing. Decorate the outside of your business so that it stands out against all of your competitors and you will be sure to attract people inside.
Deals and Offers
Everyone spends so much money during this period that any offers and savings are highly favoured. If you run a bed and breakfast, suggest a holiday getaway package instead of a regular room. If you manage a restaurant, offer appetizers and dessert to every patron or offer two main courses for the price of one and some drink deals too. If you’re a retailer, offer gift-wrapping or small accessories in addition to their purchase. While you’ve got the customer in front of you, special deals and offers can make a significant difference in your revenue.
To ensure people come back time and time again, wow them. If you own a restaurant you could create a menu featuring tasty Christmas favourites. Alternatively, if you own a pub or bar you could get creative and add some special summer cocktails to your menu.
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