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Business loans Sydney and NSW

Within the city of Sydney, there are more than 5,000 businesses varied in unique structures, sizes, and growth rates.  The number of companies fluctuates each year as an effect of the current climate of economic activity, whether it’s increasing or decreasing.    Quick business loans in Sydney from help Sydney Businesses with there cashflow. Business funding in Sydney is fast and easy with our fund.

Unsecured business loans or Merchant Cash Advance Sydney anywhere in Sydney area, such as Smithfield, Camden, Brookvale, Parramatta, Windsor, Camden, Sydney CBD, Liverpool. Please let our account manager know that it’s an urgent business loan to make sure that your business loan application is immediate.

Business loan Sydney lenders, Capify was born out of the desire to offer small businesses an alternative and accessible lending option. Proudly we were the first to do so in Australia. With 10+ years of local experience providing small business loans working capital globally, Capify is Australia’s most experienced alternative lender to small business loans Sydney.

Capify Business Loan Sydney you can apply anytime and anywhere.

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Check out our business loan Sydney calculator can help provide a guide to repayments for a businessloansydney.

Sydney is Australia’s largest economy and has a “strong population growth” (Eryk Bagshaw, Shane Wright 2019) which initially created more spending and sales over the previous years. However, with population growth decreasing from 10.88% in 2013 (Population.net.au, 2019), to 2.05% in 2018 (Population.net.au, 2019), there has been a struggle with preventing the economy from looming closer to a recession.

Sydney online businesses need support from the local government due to the lack of access to funds being a result of slow business growth and economy. A business lender Sydney, like Capify, can help business owners access short term business loans under 12 months with an easy application process that can help them with having working capital for their business in 24 hours.

Accessing a business loan in Sydney and cash flow is a critical aspect behind the success of a business (Carvalho, 2017). It is of paramount importance for small companies to possess business finance to support and run an enterprise in Sydney, as they are required to meet unexpected costs and financial obligations.

Without positive cash flow and a quick business loan in Sydney, it is almost impossible to sustain the business, as well as achieve primary business goals such as increased profit and capital (Carvalho, 2017).

Due to high levels of competition from large corporations, small businesses tend to struggle more in maintaining sales without the adequate cash flow to support it, and an unsecured business loan could help with this struggle for cash flow.

Can I get a business Loan Sydney?

Sydney’s small enterprises are required to adhere to specific Australian legal requirements that assist in protecting both the business and its consumers. Regulations in regards to registration are compulsory to conform with that include Australian Business Number and a Tax file number (Business.gov.au, 2018). Alongside this, the business must obey to all fair trading laws or terms and conditions in regards to pricing, promotion, and refunds to protect consumers from any unethical behaviour performed by the business (Business.gov.au, 2018). Moreover, by doing this, companies can benefit from these regulations as it will encourage consumers to spend if protected.

Your business in Sydney will qualify for a loan with our business loan Sydney eligibility check.

  • The firm has been operating for six months
  • Current ACN/ABN
  • Bank Statements
  • Minimum $10,000 a month in gross sales
  • You have proof of ownership
  • Loan amount
  • Repay the loan amount

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How Capify helps small businesses acquire funding in Sydney

Capify provides fast business loans in Sydney and is one of Australia’s leading finance firms that obtain the purpose of providing funds and assistance to any business who require it.

They offer two types of loans or credit products including; Merchant Cash Advance and Capify small business loan.

Capify is different from competitors with their ideal NSW business loans, and their ability to see potential success in businesses without being bias as much as possible on previous credit ratings.

Capify is an alternative to the big bank and does not offer a line of credit or interest rates; instead, they work with a fixed price. Loan terms range from 3 months to 12 months, and their loan amounts range from $5,000-$300,00.


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How could small businesses in Sydney and NSW use Capify business funds?

  • Pay Bills
  • Marketing
  • Hiring extra staff
  • Purchasing Stock
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Purchasing a Business car or Truck
  • Renovating or Expanding the business
  • Upgrading or Purchasing Equipment

Why choose Capify?

The great news is that Capify’s application costs are free, we don’t charge you when you submit an application for a small business loan in Sydney. It’s obligation-free and you can commit whenever you are ready.

A great financial product that Capify can provide is Merchant Cash Advance, where this revolves around businesses gaining a lump sum of money and repaying it through minor percentages of their EFTPOS transactions. This would greatly benefit the business as it would prevent cash flow shortages, thus they are able to have the cash to pay debt payments, expenses, and unexpected costs.

Furthermore, enterprises are also introduced to the option of Sydney business loans that Capify can provide, increasing capital, thus increasing cash flow. Alongside this, they deliver expert advice that contains knowledge and techniques on how to improve cash management to assist in keeping your business as healthy as possible.

Capify is Australia’s first small business lender since 2008, we have built and maintained customer excellence with google review of 4.5/5. and reviews from TrustPilot.

Speak to a lending specialist today on 1300 760 930 to get funds in 24 hours or start your application and apply now.


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We help businesses like:


What are your interest rates?

We don’t use interest rates for our funding solutions.

Instead Capify offers an agreed total payback amount. The payback amount depends on the type of business you operate and the term you require the business finance for. This way your business knows up front the total costs, making managing your cash flow easy.

Does Capify have an office branch in Sydney?

Capify is a fin-tech and purely operates online. However, our head office is in Parramatta with staff Australia-wide.

Capify was born out of the desire to offer small businesses an alternative and accessible lending option. Proudly we were the first to do so in Australia. With 10+ years of local experience providing small business loans working capital globally, Capify is Australia’s most experienced alternative lender to small business.

With a customer-centric focus on service and simplicity; our vision is to support Australian businesses with tailored financial solutions. With our philosophy, we work together to create the most flexible and accessible commercial business loans for our clients. This allows us to streamline our internal processes passing on time and cost savings to you.

Capify is Australia’s Leading unsecured small business lender and you can easily find us on Finder.com.au, Canstar, Mozo, InfoChoice, and other financial comparison websites.

We have business-friendly staff

We ensure our staff have a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian SME market and can truly understand your business needs, aspirations and need for finance. Our small business lending consultants will guide you through the entire small business loan process from initial quotation to funding.

Mozo says “With more than 10 years of experience, Capify has been helping Australia’s small business owners reach new heights with their tailored funding solutions. The lender provides unsecured business loans which are flexible and accessible, and its simple application process makes getting funding a breeze”.

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