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What Are the Best Small Business Funding Options in Australia?

Are you struggling to generate enough start-up capital for your business? Learn about business funding options in Australia for entrepreneurs like you.

Do you know someone who is making a lot of money in a business they started around the same time as you? Or maybe you’re tired of seeing everyone else having what seems to you happy lives with a very successful small business while you feel stagnated. Now perhaps the time to think about some small business funding options that are available to you.

Since you’re in a new year with unlimited potential, why not take the time to consider how your small business can grow in leaps and bounds during 2020. It might be original equipment or a new marketing campaign you think your small business needs, but whatever it is, you can do it with a business loan. You started this business knowing what makes a business successful, so now make it happen.

It’s time to explore some small business funding options to grow your vision into reality. Read on to learn more about the business funding options in Australia for small business entrepreneurs just like you. Find out what is the best small business funding options in the marketplace and get on the path to business success.


Small Business Funding

To best determine what the best small business funding options in the Australian marketplace is, it’s essential to know the small business definition and what the parameters of how many small businesses need funding. The Australian Taxation Office defines a small business as one that has a revenue of less than $2 million per year. That means there are a lot of small businesses in Australia competing for the same money you are.

If you want to define a small business for employment purposes, Fair Work Australia reports that it means you have less than fifteen employees. Again, many Australian small businesses fit that definition too. Small business funding has also changed in the past year.

Starting with the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Financial Services Industry stopped in its tracks, bank financing for small businesses has all but disappeared. That means small business owners found themselves without access to credit. Many small businesses were at a critical juncture when they needed to expand or pay increased rent that was owed.

That’s when private lenders and small business funding lenders rose to the occasion. These funders have given small business owners access to over twenty plus types of unsecured business loan options.


Small Business Funding Options

Today, there are over twenty types of unsecured business loan funding options to small business owners. Some funders offer small businesses alternative and accessible funding options. The combination of unsecured business loan funding options and alternative and available funding options has led to many opportunities that are tailored to solutions that help small businesses take a positive financial step into their future.

Some of these funding options for small businesses are through short-term business loans offered by stellar fin-tech lenders. Many of these three to twelve-month short-term loans are flexible and accessible to business owners through a streamlined internal application process. There are also a variety of Australian private angel investors, lenders, and government programs that offer grants.


Government Program Grants

Depending on what type of small business venture you’re funding, Australia may have a matching government grant program available to you. There are a variety of government grant programs available to you. It just depends on what type of business venture you need funding for and why you need the funding.

For instance, you can apply for:

  1. A grant offered through The Entrepreneurs’ Programme that aims to help your businesses’ productivity. The grant grows your business by funding up to $1 million so you can be more competitive and successful in your business product or service.
  2. If you have a small business start-up in an innovative market like Singapore, Germany, and China, the Austrade Landing Pad will help you with a business grant.
  3. If you have a small export market business, you may qualify for the Export Market Development Grant for export promotions.
  4. There’s a Research and Development Tax Incentive program that helps small businesses with a 43.5% tax offset to help under $20 million companies become more innovative.

There’s also a tax benefit offered to small businesses through a Venture Capital Limited Partnership that allows the company to be exempt from capital gains taxes.


Business Funding Australia

If networking and finding a way to leverage knowledge, time, and effort and turn it into small business funding, then Business Enterprise Centres can help you find a way forward. Business Enterprise Centres (BEC) are non-profits located in every state and territory in Australia.

The BEC network will give your small business as much information, advice, and assistance as possible until your business is secure as a successful small business entity. BEC’s goals and objective for small companies are to help you optimise your potential and reach:

  • New jobs are created in your small business
  • Your small business net worth goes up
  • Your products or services are purchased within communities that ultimately help local economic development

BEC members are the ones assisting small businesses, and their consultations may be free or at a low cost. BEC and its members’ main goal is to make your business viable and competitive.


Other Business Funding Venues

Many small business owners see information on how much damage was done by Royal Commission regulations. Many are starting to notice some banks are beginning to reach out to business owners to see if they need loans. Contracts for loans that are under $3 million are much more straightforward with more user-friendly applications.

Many banks now do their stress tests to determine if those seeking loans can repay loans with timely payments. That way, they don’t have to seek approval from an oversight committee. There’s not a small business in Australia that can’t benefit from integrating their social media accounts into a network that gives them access to potential customers.

Over half of small businesses and medium businesses have social media profiles. You can find out about other small business funding venues by using some of this type of social media outreach to network with other small business owners and find out where they are going to seek their funding and loans.


Example of Thinking Outside the Box for Business Funding Opportunities

Mobilese was started in 2017 as the first complete business-to-business marketplace where you can hire almost anything. Mobilese partnered with Aon, a large worldwide insurance broker that helped them deliver value, trust, and security to their customers.


Mobilese grew and developed its own peer-to-peer sharing marketplace for businesses to hire out idle equipment to companies and people in need, and by using social media platforms, found success through creative collaboration.


Every small business needs to have social media outreach, platforms, and marketing tools integrated into their purchase funnel. It’s always about growing and developing and weaving that development plan into your business marketing goals. The Australian Marketplace was also created with small businesses in mind.


They wanted a portal that connected customers with businesses, so every potential or active customer has a business or peer exchange service that can benefit their growth.


How To Get a Small Business Loan

Before or after you explore funding options through grants, investors, and outside-the-box funding outreach programs, it’s important you know how to get a small business loan. If you want a flexible small business loan, the unsecured financing option may be best. You can apply for however much you need, and most loans range from $5,000 to $300,000, and many have same-day approval.

Many times you can get the funds within twenty-four hours, and your repayment schedule is based on your business cash flow and what works best for you in most cases. One of the best things about the flexible small business loan with unsecured financing is you can complete the small business loan application quickly and easily. The loan application has no application fee, has no obligation, and you can find out how much business loan funding your business qualifies for.

When you can find a small business loan solution that fits your business objectives and parameters.

Business loan may experts to help explain how their flexible loan works, and if you need additional assets to be approved. You need to feel there is a connection to them because its that connection you’ll be dealing with and growing your business around during the next few months. It’s your connection to them and meeting your loan obligation payments and their relationship to you in helping you find a way to market your business to success that becomes your greatest asset.


Unexpected Small Business Funding Sources

In 2018, many small businesses in Australia found out they were going to get tax breaks. If your small business had a taxable income of under $100,000, you fit in with 83.7% of other Australian small businesses. What you don’t have to pay the Australian government can give your small business an unexpected small business funding source.

So, to help the small business owners, the Australian government legislated that anyone whose income fell between $19,000 to $90,000 got the personal tax break. That came to a whopping 1.3 million unincorporated small businesses. The Australian government included self-employed people and freelancers who work as contractors too in the tax eligibility program.

There is more than one way to find small business funding when you think outside the box and find tax benefit programs, funding venues, grants, banks, and private lenders that are committed to you succeeding. Your business’s success may not depend on all these programs and funding options coming to you at the same time, but they do rely on you knowing about them so if you do need them you can move forward in an optimal beneficial manner.


The Next Financial Step

The next financial step your small business takes is the most important one. Small business funding options are waiting for you today if you can take a positive action forward and claim it. It is your connection to the marketplace, your customers, and to other small business leaders at the beginning of your business path that determines if your small business will have a happy and successful journey.

Getting from the first step to the next step is the hard part. It may be easy to make connections. You’ll always find other small business leaders who think and want the same thing as you do. But finding funding options that best fit your small business needs that are flexible and viable for your business growth and development, that’s the tricky part.

There’s nowhere to go but up when you start a business. Reach out to Capify when you’re ready to ask questions, seek funding loan alternatives, and find out about the best loan options you can find that best fit your small business parameters. You are the go-to person in your small business, so become the go-to person in showing others how easy it is to take a small business loan. Then turn your business into a lucrative and prosperous future.

Instead of monthly payments, our business loan has a fixed, daily repayment schedule allowing you to manage your business finances and budget more effectively.

Unlike a commercial bank, Capify requires minimum paperwork, as it is an unsecured business loan.  If you are in MelbourneSydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, or Darwin, we can help.

Once approved, the funds will be deposited in your account within 24 hours, not weeks or months.

Is your business seasonal? No problem. Our loans can help adjust to the highs and lows of your business cash flow.

Call us on 1300 346 571 and discuss your business loan requirements and loan amount.


A Capify Unsecured Small Business Loan is right for you if;

  • You’re looking to avoid a steep payment at the end of the month
  • You’re looking for a fast and straightforward business finance solution
  • You’re looking to unsecured business funding to:

Small Business Loans – If your company has fluctuating cash flow, no problem – our Merchant Cash Advance or MCA adjusts to meet the daily needs of your business finances and the loan amount that suits your business needs with a straightforward and fast application process.


You are looking for funds to take advantage of the ATO 30k Write-off.

Rather than fixed daily repayments, a small percentage of your credit card and EFTPOS terminal sales are repaid daily for the term of your cash advance.

Quick business funding from Capify can solve your business funding requirements in as soon as 24 hours once approved. Read what our customers say from our TrustPilot Review.

Capify can help small businesses across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania.

We ensure our staff have a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian SME market and can truly understand your business needs, aspirations and need for finance. Our small business lending consultants will guide you through the entire business loan process from initial quotation to funding.

Mozo says “With more than ten years of experience, Capify has been helping Australia’s small business owners reach new heights with their tailored funding solutions. The lender provides unsecured business loans which are flexible and accessible, and its simple application process makes getting funding a breeze”.


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