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5 Reasons to Become a Business Loan Affiliate Marketing Partner


Beyond earning lucrative commissions on referrals and funded deals, explore the top 5 benefits of becoming a business loan affiliate partner.

Affiliate marketing is all over the Internet, and it’s a great way to create a stream of income. But, did you know that you can do it with lending solutions companies?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the top reasons why becoming our affiliate partner is beneficial to both yourself and your clients.

Read on for more information about why affiliate marketing should be something you consider in order to help your clients and site visitors get exactly what they need.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before we discuss the benefits of working with us as an affiliate partner, let’s discuss what affiliate marketing actually is.

Affiliate marketing is a form of passive income, meaning income that doesn’t require you to work at the moment for it. This doesn’t mean you haven’t worked, however.

So what’s the difference between passive and active income? Well, if you work at a coffee shop for $9 an hour and bring home your cheque at the end of the week, that is active income and you’re compensated for each hour you’ve worked.

Passive income is somewhat of the opposite. Say you write a book and intend to sell it. You may spend 100 hours plus writing the book, of which you won’t be compensated for immediately. Instead, you’ll earn revenue from the book’s sales over time, thus passive income you’re accumulating after the fact.

Affiliate marketing is similar in that the income is passive, but it doesn’t necessarily come from doing a huge amount of work first. Instead, you’ll earn money from the people you refer to a service or a product. If, for example, you’re a beauty influencer and you really like a mascara, you can drop an affiliate link in the description box of your YouTube video or on your blog. When someone inevitably buys the product via your link, you’ll earn a commission off of the sale of the mascara.

Affiliate marketing is a way of the company saying thank you for referring a client to them.

So, why should you become an affiliate partner with us? Well, let’s go over some of the key reasons below.


As an Affiliate Partner with Capify, You’ll Earn Bigger Commissions

Going off of the model we used previously, if you sell a mascara via affiliate marketing, you’re not going to make that much money. Even if the mascara is high-end and therefore at a higher price point, you’ll still need to convince a lot of people to buy it before you make anything other than peanuts.

For example, if the mascara you’re referring your readers or viewers to is $20 and you receive a 15% commission, you’ll get $3 for each mascara sold. Sure, that’s better than nothing, but it’s not exactly big money for little work.

With Capify, your commissions are sure to be much more generous because you’re working with a lot more money. Therefore, becoming an affiliate partner can be a sustainable career path that you can work toward. For some people, that may even mean a full-time income.

At Capify, you can earn up to $25,000 a month in referrals alone.


Building More Trust with Your Clients

If you already own a business and want to refer clients to Capify, this can only enhance the relationship the two of you already have. If you’ve used Capify in the past to help fund your business, this is a great way to help your clients trust Capify, and thus benefit you in the process.

Using the model of the mascara, if you tell your friends you have an awesome mascara and urge them to click your link to buy it, but they’re disappointed, you’ve lost credibility. As such, they won’t want to purchase more products you’ve recommended for them.

With Capify, we’re confident that our product is extraordinary, and that we can offer a creative financial solution to businesses that might not otherwise qualify. You may, in fact, be helping your client’s dream come true by helping them find the right financing.

And once they find they’re happy with the product that you’ve referred them to, they’ll see you as a trusted source. Thus, they’ll return again and again to your company or website, because they know that you only refer the best.


Quick Pay Out

Neither you nor your referee will have to wait long to receive compensation. At Capify, we can often give decisions for finance on the same day the individual applies. This way, you’ll both know immediately whether or not you’re receiving compensation.

Our program can also pay out your clients in as little as 48 hours. This quick payout system can only benefit you and your business as it will offer your clients a quick solution to their business issues. So, not only will you gain client trust, but you’ll be able to solve their financial woes in a New York minute, and that won’t be forgotten quickly.


Becoming an Affiliate Partner

Are you ready to become an affiliate partner with Capify? If so, click here to begin the application process. You’ll be matched with a dedicated manager who will see your lead through every step of the process, even if they aren’t approved. This gives you incredible personalization, and allows you to say, “I know someone!” when your friend needs a business loan, and mean it sincerely.

You’ll also have a relationship manager who will act as a point of contact throughout the entire process, making the ride smooth for both you and your lead.

What are you waiting for? Join us today.

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