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If you are facing difficulties with your Accounting, Tax or Bookkeeping service business and looking for short term funding, Capify can help!

Borrowing money from a bank can be confusing. Some lenders will ask you many questions and require you to submit tons of documents not to mention the mountains of forms you have to fill up.

Luckily, Capify can help you get the capital you need to grow your business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on businesses including those located in Australia. A cash injection can help you keep your head above water while your business recovers from the negative effects of the pandemic.

You can use your loan to pay bills so that your business can function more efficiently, improve marketing efforts so that you can reach more customers, hire new staff to cope with demand, upgrade your present equipment to make your business more efficient or to expand your business by buying an accounting, tax or bookkeeping service in another part of the country.

Advantages of a Capify Business Loan

Business loans can give you much-needed funds in order to get started or to expand your business. As a small business, you might be looking for funding in order to secure new software/tools, maintain operations, hire new employees or expand to a new location. A business loan from Capify can help you achieve all of this.

Here are some of the advantages of borrowing from Capify.

Receive an Influx Of Cash

Securing a business loan is the most obvious and easiest way to gain cash flow. By using this extra cash on your hand creatively, you could achieve different minor goals for the long term success of the business. This could be bulk stocking for inventory, Managing seasonal busy periods or hiring casuals to tackle a sudden influx of customers.

Maintain Control of Your Business

Unlike equity lending where you offer shares of your business in exchange for money, borrowing from Capify will allow you to retain full control of your business. We are in the business of lending money, not running an accounting or bookkeeping service so you can rest assured that you, as the business owner, are still in charge of management or company operations while enjoying a fresh influx of cash.

You Can Borrow A Large Sum Of Money

Unlike personal loans which are capped at around $50,000, business loans can be in the hundreds of thousands. This is especially advantageous when you need funding for a major project. For example, you want to buy an existing accounting practice in another city or if you want to buy more computers to expedite your business processes. With the short term length of the loan and regular payment, it would be easier to manage the loan with no extra headaches and without a massive blow to operational cost.

Easy Access To Funds

When you are expanding a business, your first instinct is to wait for your profits to add up so that you can begin your move. Another alternative is to look for investors but this can also take a lot of time. Waiting can be disastrous especially if you are in a competitive market of business services. Borrowing money can give you easy access to funds in a shorter amount of time so that you can raise money for expansions, buying new equipment or to hire new people.

Enjoy Tax Deductions

You can claim a tax deduction on interest accrued on business loans and personal loans and personal credit card used to fund business projects via the Australian Taxation Office. You need to claim deductions before the end of each fiscal year but the Australian Taxation Office will need to see your records before granting your claims.

You Don’t Have To Share Profits

Business loans can fuel your business and help you expand rapidly. This can lead to more profits and success. But no matter how big your business grows, you don’t need to share profits with the lender. You just need to keep on repaying the same amount of money plus interest to Capify until the term of your loan ends.

Who Qualifies For A Business Loan?

All of this sounds reassuring and wonderful but not all small accounting, tax and bookkeeping services are eligible for a business loan.

You have to be:

Access Funds With Capify

Capify offers great solutions for small businesses who want a leg up. As the rest of the world and Australia recovers from the pandemic, you will need an influx of funding in order to stay competitive.

A business loan from Capify can help you with your accounting, tax and bookkeeping service to grow further and compete with others in the industry effectively

Quick & Simple Application

Call or apply online in minutes for a quick, obligation free quote.

Loans Between $5K-$300K

We can get you funds you need with loan terns that suits your business.

Fast 24 Hour Funding

Fast, same day approvals and funds in your account within 24 hours*.

How can small businesses use business funds?

  • Pay bills
  • Marketing
  • Hiring extra staff
  • Purchasing Stock
  • Improve cash flow
  • Purchasing a business car or truck
  • Renovating or expanding the business
  • Upgrading or purchasing equipment

Why Capify

We know running a business is hard. Remaining stable as a small business and capitalising on growth opportunities can be difficult in such a competitive environment, especially when you’re short on funding.

Capify can help you get the funding you need quickly, without any hassles. We take time out to understand your business needs and offer you a tailored solution to help you achieve business growth, provide greater cash flow, and invest in your business for the future.


Speak to a lending specialist today on 1300 760 930 to get funds in 24 hours or start your application and apply now.

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