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5 social media tips and tricks for your business accounts

Your customers are on social media. That is a simple truth of being in business today. It does not matter whether you are selling socks or running a cafe. With the right approach, you can leverage social media and capture a sizeable slice of that traffic to boost your business. To help you grow your brand’s social media reach, we have put together five top tips:

1. Make your social media goals to measure

Social media is no different to any other business initiative. You already know you should not make a business move without a clear goal in mind. For example, if you take a small business loan, you first map out precisely what asset or growth initiative you are going to fund. So make your social media marketing campaign accountable by setting measurable goals upfront. What do you want to achieve? Higher sales, more leads, greater brand awareness or other goals specific to your business? These drivers form the blueprint for your social media objectives. Next you need to map out clear timeframes for hitting these goals and the metrics you will use to measure your social media performance.

2. Know your audience

Yes this tip is marketing 101 but it is crucial to your social media success. The more thoroughly you understand your customer, the more precisely you can reach and speak with them via social media. So gather key customer demographics, behaviours, motivators and needs to put together a clear picture of your target and prospective consumers. That way your content can be right on point.

3. Keep consistent

Social media users are in the game of instantaneous information. That means your brand and business must be instantly recognisable. Achieve this through unwavering continuity in your brand, tone of voice, look and messaging. Be sure your content is relevant and helpful to your customers.

4. Spend selectively

Social media marketing will likely require you to part with some cash. But be sure not to scattergun your spend. Put your strategic hat on and sponsor posts through ad managers. This is a much more direct purpose-driven method as opposed to committing lots of cash to boost posts.

5. Call your audience to action

Make every one of your social media posts spell out clearly what you want your customers to do. To make this count, you need to post with purpose each and every time. Do you want your audience to Like, share, comment on or click your post? Tell them.

Social media can drive your brand cut-through and customer conversion like wildfire. But only when it is done right and fully aligned with your business. Leverage social media strategy to get your business humming. To help you grow your business to keep pace with increased customer demand driven by social media initiatives, Capify offer a range of leading small business loans.


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