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5 Productivity Hacks to Get Your Staff Working Harder and Happier

Productivity is key to the running of an effective business and there are many ways to help staff work to the best of their ability. Here are a few of our suggestions that keep employees happy and productive:

Create Comfortable and Stimulating Surroundings

A comfortable and fun work place is very important to the modern day employee. Studies have shown that things as simple as colour within an office can help lead to productivity. Drab, dull offices will only serve to make your employees feel bored which will not lend to their work ethic. If you create a bright, clean and interesting working environment then productivity will be higher. In addition, you should make sure that each individual in your workforce is comfortable with their desk set up. Something as simple as added back support can aid toward productivity.

Empower Your Staff

People work better when they feel that their work is being done for a reason. Have regular one to ones with individual staff members and praise them on what they’ve done well. Set personal goals for each individual which play to their strengths and let them feel they have a specific role to fulfil within the team. Make them believe that their work is important to the company and they will be more likely to focus on their work.
Utilise the idea of storytelling, tell your staff why they are an important part in the story of the company and why their work will directly benefit both the company and the public. The self-worth of the individual is incredibly important to a person’s work ethic and an employee who feels that they are a valued member of a team will work harder.

Provide Goal Based Incentives

One of the easiest ways to ensure productivity is to introduce incentives. Whether it is a monetary reward or some extra time off, incentives are guaranteed to work. People like to be rewarded and will work extremely hard to earn a prize. In addition, this small injection of competition in a team can lead to increased productivity across the board. Gear your incentives towards a goal which you need to be reached. Therefore your workers get something out of it and you benefit too as a deadline or necessary objective has been achieved.

Make Sure Everyone Has Regular Breaks

The importance of taking a breaking from work cannot be underestimated. Make sure that your employees are taking their lunch breaks at a good point in the day and also encourage them to leave the office. Sitting and eating lunch at a desk is not healthy for the mind and will lead to employees feeling they are chained to their desks. A quick breath of fresh air can do wonders to productivity rates.
In addition, speak to your employees individually about their holiday plans for the year and try to encourage regular breaks. Studies have shown that after a holiday employees are likely to have a burst of productivity. So keeping breaks regular will not only help the mental health of your employees but also help in raising productivity across your team.


Make sure to socialise casually away from work with the members of your team. Also, it is important that you, as the boss, can level with your employees and help them to feel understood as an individual in your business. Try to set up a monthly pub night, or some other social gathering, where everyone can get to know each other away from work. Feeling that you are friends with your co-workers is a key element to wanting to do your work well. If you feel that other people you care about will benefit from your work, or will be harmed by your lack of productivity, then individuals will be more likely to fulfil their goals for the good of the team.

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