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3 benefits of a small business short term loan

Setting up and operating a small business can be demanding on cash flow. Even when your SME is humming along strongly, you may still need some extra finance to fund growth ambitions. A small business short term loan helps you explore new opportunities without eating into your working capital. As small business funding specialists, we’d like to help you get better acquainted with this helpful tool. To this end we have put together three benefits of a small business short term loan.

Benefit 1: capitalise on opportunity with a small business short term loan

When opportunity knocks your small business must be ready to answer. Sometimes you need to act fast in order to capitalise. Worrying about where the necessary funding is coming from can severely hamper your business’ opportunity-readiness. A small business short term loan hands you the flexibility to make timely decisions so you don’t pass over important growth opportunities. In fact, you can apply in minutes and get a pre-approval for a small business short term loan within 24 hours. Most importantly, upon approval the funds will be available within days, not weeks.

Benefit 2: stay afloat amidst seasonality

Seasonality is a key factor in the operations of so many small businesses. When the off-season lands, cash flow can become tight. Often this prevents you from putting your small business in the strongest position to capitalise on the possibilities coming with the on-season. Here is where a small business short term loan can keep you buoyant and poised for success. With this funding in your business pocket, lean periods do not leave you financially limping.

Benefit 3: keep your credit record clean and strong

As a small business, your credit record is still in its infancy. Often major lenders will deny you the funding you need to grow and develop your business. This can deprive you of the chance to establish the very credit record that lenders are wanting. Small business short term loans are a viable solution here. If you don’t know your business credit score, we provide you the access to a free report, saving you $19.95. Check your score now.
A small business short term loan can put instant cash in your pocket, it pays dividends to work with a reputable knowledgeable lender. Explore your small business short term loan options with Capify today.

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